The Travels of
Miss Lara Croft

Laguna Beach, CA, USA

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December 2008 ::: Beachnutt


Beachnutt Arrival of the box Box open Lara unwrapped Lara's travel gear
Beachnutt Arrival
Box open
Travel gear
Christmas Party I Christmas Party II   Bella's Jealous again Bodie's in love again
Xmas Party
Xmas Party
  Bella Bodie
Lara's New Love Lara's next new Love Lara's other new Love    
New Love I New Love II New Love III    

Making a new braid!
Raw Clay

Making Hair glue drying before after I
Clay Make Hair Drying Before After
after II Lara's New Skateboard! beachnutt's two nieces Sunset View from beachnutt's house
After Skateboard Nieces Sunset View
New friends at the gym Wall mural Another new friend Roasting Marshmellows Lara at work
Gym I Gym II Gym III Marshmellows At Work
Lara giving some pointers   View of Catalina Island Finde the Surfer and Lara Day Time view from beachnutt's house
Help   Catalina Island Surfer Day View
Laguna Beach Old Laguna Lifeguard Tower Laguna Beachview Laguna Beach at Night  
Laguna Tower Laguna by Night  


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