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interviewed by Eric in July 2002 (pictures added upon release of TR-A in March 2004)

Eric: "Psiko, do you have enough time to play other's customlevels ? If yes, what is the level made by another levelbuilder you have enjoyed the most?"

Antonio: "I have sufficiently time to breath... but I play levels whenever I can. Most of all, I ask people to suggest me what to play because I know they have more time than me, they know my taste, so I prefer to be redirect to a good level to play, rather than to be frustrated while searching for something to play. But actually, as normal for each one, I found my favourite levels by myself. :)TR-A Sadly the fact that I build myself too, does not help me that much... I think every level is good, because everone of us puts the best of the effort we can into our levels (but my personal opinion says that there is no end to the improvement.. just study, boys!) :) If I had to tell just ONE level I will say absolutedly "Mirai's Tokyo 9" which is surely the best I played. Never frustrated, always enjoied. This could be strange from a person who likes customization and always promoted that. Well, I always defended even the ***clever*** usage of what we already have :) If I can, I would say some other levels: "The Lost Artefact of Heroic Mainliness" by MULF. One of the best TR-levels ever played. When I will finish my TR-A, it would be nice to ask for a collaboration with MULF (LOL). Then "Return to Jazimija" by Verner (a very young boy from our Italian TR-comunity). Recently I had the chance to play as beta-tester one of the new remastered levels from "Saudi Arabia", and I would name even that one if the author had put more medipacks into my raiding :) Finally, all Inchdix's levels. But sadly they are too full of bugs. One of the things I would like to say about his levels is that they are "fine". I mean, artistically. His style is wonderful, his way of texturing eccellent and completely original.. look on how he textures walls next to stones and grass... if he had put much more attention on the gameplay even to avoid all those embarassing bugs, his levels would have been the best TR-custom-series of ever (well, wait for my TR-A)."

Eric: "How did you begin to play Tombraider and began to build your own levels?"

Antonio: "I began for a case. My brother wanted the Sega Saturn consolle instead than the PSX. And TR was pubblished first of all for SS! Even if that game made the lucky of PSX... Anyhow my aunt and another of my brothers came the same day with the same game: two original copy of the first Tomb Raider for SS (one of them substituted). That was so funny... I played and I stuck really soon in the caves before to climb the low wall, I mean where you see the wolves's prints textured snow squares. Yes, I got stuck really soon and I was repeating myself: "hey, is there SOMETHING to play in this game?" LOL. When I discovered that I could simply press one of the joypad button to go over that low wall, a huge world and a fantastic story revealed to my eyes. Do you remember the cogs puzzle in the dinosaurs level? I was so HAPPY just because that was simply satisfying after a long "walking around" and searching for the right way. Next to TR3 the TR1 is the best for my honest opinion, and that "satisfaction" after a "huge effort" to understand what to do, is what I try to give and put into my levels :) "satisfaction" like after the floating platforms in the COTW, for example :) (tip: start side-jumping) LOL :D. I started building my levels just buying the TR-chronicles PC version. But this is too simple... right? :) I had the internet connection since years but I cannot tell why I never did think to search for any TR-site, apart the legendary "The Croft Times" and official sites. I searched differently for something to use to build tr-games which since tr3 was my deepest desire. I asked around the web and nothing found. If I remember well, I read on july 2000 at "The Croft Times" site that the editor was going to be released with "Chronicles" and when I read that (after desiring that so deeply for so long) I simply told myself: "everything will end now" LOL :) I meant just that one of my desires came into reality, and luckily many of them came into reality in my life, expecially in the last years :)So, to answer to "how I began to build my levels", I can only say: with a deep and ancient desire to build them :)."

Eric: "The story/scenario of Techno Egyptians Portal(TEP)/Center of the World(CotW) is quite interesting, here we have a real scenario. Have you been inspired somehow by mythology, history, a book, a film or no?"

Antonio: "This is a too long question.. more than you can imagine :) When I was younger, I was interested on UFO's and science fiction. I studied fisics by myself and really soon (but this is easy to know) I discovered that we cannot go FTL ("faster than light" this is the usual way to tell this). This meant only one thing: UFO's cannot be real... because (at least an alien civilization found a way to) just to travel from a star to another gets "too long time"... hundreds of years...CotW So, if we saw "some" of UFOs in the sky, where do they come from? Always persons believe they come from the space... the "unknown" comes from the space... but nobody did think about that we cannot go FTL and we are always taken to think that "what we don't know" is not "ours". So, since then, I was thinking that those "ufos" didn't fly in the sky coming from the space... but from "ourselves", this means both psychological, either in reality... I imagined they came from "the center of the world", where we never looked at, I mean an empty Planet Earth: they were on the surface simply to obserb our civilitation and "reveal" to us just when it was the right time...During the years, I lost or forgot this "light" of this idea I had since younger. When they released the TRLE I found out orribly how we could simply build ONLY Egyptian levels, and this was tooooo frustrating for me, who liked most of all the technological TR3. So the same month I had that editor I did build a level (never released) called "TechnoEgyptians Portal" with the EYE of Horus portal, just because we had only Egyptian objects and I did build a techno-raider-level. So "TechnoEgyptian" civilization came out just for that "case", I mean an initial limitation of the released level editor and the attempt to combine egyptian objetcs with techno-locations.Then, I gave up with the level editing because all wrong animations... but suddenly I found out those "revised wads" link at eidos forum and... the very FIRST THING, I wrote into that official TRLE eidos forum when I signed there was something like this: "I am SOO good with the CAD, can someone please create a tool to import our personal DXFs?"I remember exactly that because that was my first post there, and I wrote a mistake, which I didn't know then how to change.. I wrote "so" instead than "too" LOL :) Well, Michiel was building his first versions of tr2wad and wadmerger and told me in that topic: "I know DXF file, so I can put this feature into next version of the wadmerger". But after 10 days or so, an unknown (well, for me and just for then) member of that forum, TURBO PASCAL, went out with his new version of STRPIX 3.0 which gave the chance to import DXFs...

So, I started building the internet-released TEP. One night, I woke up. The "TEP" actually was nothing less than the HORUS EYE DOOR even in the new level, for then. But a sudden night I woke up with those words: "I will open that egg...". It was 4 o'clock in the morning, so dark outside, but I started to build the HUGEST flipmap of ever in any TR-game... a HUGE egg to be OPENED like an ANCIENT PORTAL... symbol of maternity...When realizing that, I exactly understood WHY Core Design NEVER realized a "changed map" like the one I was building.. the reason is that the level gets enormously unstable. So I worked 5 months on the TEP, customizing and trying to make it "stable" previewing EVERY move of the players...Then, I had something like a "blasfemous" idea... to change the 3D shape of Lara.. and I discovered the "skin joints problem", but I won't bore with this.Anyhow, the "quite interesting locations" you refer into your question was because suddenly I decided to set my "TechnoEgyptians" story at the CENTER OF THE WORLD... No game until then was set there... and I had that idea, again, for a lucky case.. the TEP egg room was TOO HIGH! so, missing polygons where showing the SKY where the egg was intended to be... So I had to make a DARK SKY.. and WHERE on the EARTH there is a "dark sky"?... inside the EARTH CRUST, where the TEP was set, before to REACH the "secret" TechnoEgyptians Empire location.As this was a "new" for any game I know and played, I decided to keep this location SECRET until the sequel was finished, the COTW itself. Knowing my skills and my times, I was TOO afraid someone could had the same IDEA of a "center of the world" game since the TEP was released and before the COTW was ready, and release it faster than me...The unusual locations so where inspired my MANY things. First of all I imagined the TechnoEgyptians did put the seeds of the Atlantean Civilization and the "real" ancient Egyptian one. Infact if the ancient Egyptian Civilization had normally developed probably now we will call them "TechnoEgyptians". For all this reason I had to INVENT a NEW architectural style ("Technorganic Style") which presented to the players an ANCIENT civilization who developed since to become futuristic to our times, and inside the Empty Planet Earth.So, what was the science for that time?.. Mankind for that time believed that energy and all, was done by FOUR elements... and how to modernize this? The NEW civilization of TechnoEgyptians would have taken their ENORMOUS energy from the FOUR elements which made possible their superior technology.....It is like the deepest and greatest futuristic technology came back to demonstrate that the previous and ancient belief was correct...But it was not simple. So, I created a "sun", a NUCLEAR KERNEL at the Center of the World which stoked during the centuries this superior energy by FOUR PYLONS founded inside the Earth Crust... One for each natural element... Pylons of earth, wind, water and fire. Those Pylons gave ENERGY to the Central Kernel at the center of the planet and sustained the superior TechnoEgyotians technology for centuries, since when, in ancient age, they closed the access to the Center of the World with a Portal. (But this is a part of the story to be revealed when I will release TR-A).

How comes TechnoEgyptians had to come back to surface? I imagined their Central Kernel was near to be exhausted. So they needed in the 2004 to collect all the Surface energy in order to call another time their Godness. "New RHA the Mighty", infact, is going to be called when the New Rha Shining Star, seen in the COTW levels, will fit completely the Embryo seen at the end of the Cathedral level. That God will bring to New Life the TechnoEgyptians Central Kernel and they will definitely rule both the Surface World and the Center of the World Empire. But Lara was advided of all of this by an Ancient Father of Atlantis, in the first CUTSCENE we saw in the COTW. In the 2002, Lara is searching for an Artefact called "Imperial Symbol of New RHA", in Jerusalem. I chosed Jerusalem because Dante's Commedia set the location of the HELL below Jerusalem, and it was reachable from an Underground Passage opening the way to the very famous "leave your hope" Portal. So, the TechnoEgyptian Civilization IS the HELL described there, and TechnoEgypotians ARE those demons, but... Dante "interpretated" that Center of the World Civilization exactly like "demons" and "hell"... but the truth was exactly "a new and unknow civilitation", which eventually came OUT to surface to monitorize us... those UFOs of that idea I had years ago... :p So, the new civilization I am describing, is such powerful that missing Him they are able to CREATE their GOD genetically (as seen in the COTW and revealed in future developments) in order to have always their Kernel/Sun alive. Lara was advised of this in the 2002: this means TWO years before the TechnoEgyptians revealed to the Surface Mankind. But knowing the future before it is realized, is not always as good as we could think... :) So, I was inspired by MANY things, most of them letterary. To realize all of this, I keep in mind "Indastria", the hypertechnological City of "Conan, the future boy", one of the best cartoons of ever: even in that cartoon the "search for the energy" was desperatedly strong both from "good" either for "bad" sides. I fill every moment of my TR-A with "psychological" and subliminar meanings, and most of them will be revealed at the end of all, with a great message of peace."

Eric: "Some Italian builders have began the Stargate project. Are they still active in this project? You have made a demo for them, do you still help them?"

Antonio: "I think I helped them enough, realizing that base for the entire game more than one year ago :) Then, I am always available for technical stuff in our two Italian forums. Then, I wrote the test of the story of the cutscene they are realizing, and well, I even directed by "internet chat" what to show in that cutscene and how to realize it... I hope that will be as fine as it was in my mind when describing it to them :wink: LOL :)."

Eric: "What do you like the most in Italy?"

Antonio: "People. I think strong personality is always a good thing. Both the good sides, either the bad sides (oopps LOL), which many times made me to grow up. But if you want, I will tell some of the things I DON'T like. I don't like the fact to consider ourselves "creative". I think "art" is much more than creativeness, it is "sadly" even technics and experience. You can see a picture and love it, but actually the painter knows exactly how to move the brush and this can be reached with many experience to have an "artistic" result, even to go "with the flow" or to go "against the flow". Surely after all of this, the differences are for the personal skills and feelings, but there is a lot of work behind evetything it is created.Then, I know to be probably the only one in Italy, but apart some very good food, I don't like it generally, most of all because it repeats itself. Just few times, it's ok. But I prefer chinese. :)"

Eric: "If there was a symbol that represents the most your personality, what it should be ? (Historical feature, spiritual symbol, flower, etc anything you want)"

Antonio: "I don't think there is something that could represent me with a symbol. I'd like to find it, but as I am thinking about this question for more than few minutes, this means there is nothing to think about it :)"

Eric: "Is there a sequel to Center of the world ? If yes, when it will be available?"

Antonio: "There is not now, as "my mind" is not available, LOL. It is all there, for now, and I am looking forward to play it :) I hope to be able to realize all what I want to realize with the new animation tool which is going to be released soon, and I hope to be ready for october, but it seems hard. For now (half of july) I am ready with two new levels almost finished, "Jerusalem, the Subdued" set in the 2004 after the TechnoEgyptians conquered the Surface World and the new "TechnoEgyptians Portal": nothing to relate with the previous one. Both of them are before the COTW which was remastered and improved, both for some critics I had and I considered constructive, either for some reported bugs. Many ways are closed now, so there is a little bit less "walking around without knowing what to do", expecially for I added many more cameras to show you where to go. So, follow me, I will guide you."

Eric: "Are you glad that somebody (Drew_Pizza) has made a walkthrough of CotW?"

Antonio: "I am exactly happy for this. But actually I have many walkthroughs written by other TR-fans... THREE are for the COTW and another one is for the "old" TEP. All are Italians eccept Drew's one, which is really wonderful. Reading all of them, anyhow, first of all made me to know how players do when they do it differently than me, then I try to "understand" what they feel while playing (to give them what they prefer - players are always right!), and most of the times they felt exactly what I wanted, most of all because I do this because I build with the heart.Drew's one was really similar to some very professional published from official games, so I wondered really often if he wrote some other previously, because that seems "perfect".Reading all of them was like to play my levels again with "fresh eyes": those walkthroughs are a reason to be proud in the good sense of the word, but I take all (always) as an incitament to improve. :)"

The Creator and his Creature: photoretouchs in this page by Roberta Merlini, official testimonial of "Tomb Raider A"

latest interview with Antonio
interviewed by 'Lara for ever' August 2007

Lara for ever: "I am very glad about the chance to get in contact with Psiko, an important name in the world of Tomb Raider Customlevel Editing, and for making this new interview with him. Psiko has created some very unusual and interesting levels so far, and he has shown his great talents to us, no doubt. At the moment he is working again after a longer break, in a big team project as well as at a own level project, which will be a big one again. Of course a lot of players are waiting for this new project, and so I took the chance to ask Psiko some questions. Of course about his new project, but not only. And here you can read what he answered me, and of course you can see some new screenshots of his current project…"

Lara for ever: "You are part of the TR Customlevel building community since the early days of the editor and released your debut level, Techno Egyptians Portal in 2001. The style of your levels were whole different to "normal" levels from the beginning. Can you tell us about the reason for choosing an unusual way like this?"

Antonio: "There are a lot of reasons. I like colors... I like rainbow and I think that preferring all the colors means to be very democratic. I like modern and contemporary architecture, like I've been always repeating in Tomb Raider Forums. New Architecture expresses itself not only choosing different volume shapes, but even different colors in contrast one each other. For example you can see a red bricks wall next to a blue painted surface and wooden floor. I think it is funny to find different combinations of colors in order they fit always a beautiful picture in every frame or screenshot you can take. Particularly I like to put together those colors: RED/purple with BLUE/deep blue and YELLOW/greenish yellow. You can always find some of those colors put together in the same building, room, object, outfit I make. I think I prefer to express myself artistically rather than to represent a copy of reality: I like a "vision" of futuristic styles of new architectures never seen before, and every thing I put in my levels is studied from books so that I can even take real examples of my inspirations. Luckily there are a lot of architects who project this way and build giving to FANTASY and IDEAS the most important role in their process of creation. This is innovation, maybe could be not liked by everyone, but it is like to build roads that someone in future will explore again when it won't be new anymore, and it will be accepted completely. Regarding the new project I am working now, for this reason I was a bit concerned in being accepted much more than my previous projects and started building "classically" a high tech level. But soon I decided to follow my way without limitations: I needed to be sincere to myself, which is not an easy thing for anyone... so I did build exactly to be satisfied by myself as the first one: I am sure that this way will be appreciated much more in the TRLE world."

Lara for ever: "Reactions for your projects have been very different, not all players could get along with your very colorful levels. Also the gameplay is partially very hard - to be honest, I could not succeed myself in your levels so far (except The Treasure Island, of course.). Why did you also choose this hard kind of gameplay? Was the idea behind to especially give professional players a challenge?"

Antonio: "I know my level are colorful and maybe in the past some of them were too much colored. Actually I even did build levels that were colored in a good way, the way I like, but for a strange reason most of the people remember the levels with a less successful design. I am not perfect, LOL, and this way is being explored by myself too: what I think is that I like to give the same sensation in walking through a game for children. They are colorful, filled with details and a pleasure for the eyes. My levels aim to that kind of pleasure, but I want to build a so colored game for young and "no-more young" people LOL From this point of view, this is the reason why my levels are so hard, I mean not for children. But in the past this difficulty in my levels was negative for many people to succeed in the complete game. This made Tomb Raider A a game that many could not understand, even if it has a lot of meanings poetically, narratively and religiously talking. It was the story about a so futuristic civilization that not having one, was so powerful to create its own new god genetically. Anyhow, now I learned the lesson and I won't built so hard levels anymore, and the colors will be managed in a better way: not giving up to some of them, but creating less contrasts. :)"

Lara for ever: "However, for those players who could finish your levels, they have mainly been a success in the world of Customlevels, as I am speaking of Techno Egyptians Portal, Center of the World, Tomb Raider A - The Techno Egyptians and The Hidden Empire at the Centre of the World then. Have you been satisfied with the result of those three levels yourself?"

Antonio: "I am satisfied by the feedback I received: I had about more than 100 MB of emails with compliments and this makes me a lot proud. It's not so nice to specify what the compliments were exactly, but they were a lot funny and full of imagination: many people wrote me long pages of private reviews, and what I was happy for is that they felt precisely what I planned with the gameplay, which is something I felt myself too the first time I played my Tomb Raider A game I always repeat people to build something that emotions themselves as the first or they won't emotion the players. A surprise for yourself will be a surprise for the players later. :)"

Lara for ever: "Can you tell us about the difficulties to create those unusual levels? At this time there was only the old editor with its big limits, how was it possible to get your visions true then?"

Antonio: "Difficulties are many: just to be short, there is nothing to refer to, apart few ideas I have in mind and few inspirations taken reading books or watching everything that comes to my hands. Many things actually were not possible to be created for those times: today I would build many things in a different way, but at the opposite, to be sincere I often ask myself how I was able to build certain things so hard to be done, like, one for all, the design of the entire complete TR-A game, as in it everything ends where it has begun and everything finds its place with a lot of surprises."

Lara for ever: "In 2004 you were part of the team, which created the big Lara at the Movies project. You made one level there too, [b]The Treasure Island. This one was very different to your former level projects, as it was created in a more usual design and also had a much more easy gameplay. What is your thinking today about this level, why did you change your style there, and are you satisfied with the result?"

Antonio: "Actually I was not in time to be part of the team. I was finishing my Tomb Raider A game, but I wanted to join the project. I had about one month to built that level, and I released it but being a lot tired of editing levels. I was exhausted by the design of my game and building a new level after so short time, was a lot of effort. It was different from my other projects because I didn't want to distinguish so much, but the result, for I was that tired, was not good. That level is a black spot in my mind and in my TRLE career, LOL, and I regret I published it. I suggest everyone to not keep it in mind if they want to have an idea of how I build levels. Actually the way I build is always new, for I try to change the more possible."

Lara for ever: "There was a break then in level building since 2004, and people even thought you would have given up level editing. But meanwhile we know you are working again at a own level project, also as joining the KAP - King Arthur's Project team. What caused the decision to start building again?"

Antonio: "After TR-A (not counting Treasure Island) I was very exhausted. It was a very big project that occupied me for years, and when I released it there was a huge hole in my life, I was tired and I came back working with 3dsmax which is a professional 3d program. I started writing some novels and time has passed. I was far away from the forums too, and I changed a lot since those years. As I said, I want to be the more sincere I can to myself, and this was a reason I came back in editing: I wanted to let people know how I could built today, and wanted to measure myself with the possibilities new tools allow now: then, I didn't like that Treasure Island was the last memory I left in the community. So I joined the King Arthur's Project team. I had to design the new outfit, but soon I started building a new level, the one I will publish into my new demo."

Lara for ever: "Today you have great new abilities for level building with new tools as TREP and the NGLE. As I think you will use those tools of course, can you tell us if working at levels therefore is more easy these days, for the old limits do not exist any longer? Or are there still limits you can not get beyond?"

Antonio: "Building with new tools is easier: I remember when I had to work 40 days to build a Lara's outfit, for all the errors and crashes those early tools were creating. Now it is possible to create a new good outfit in few hours. The NGLE allows to use big textures and this makes the editing funnier, cause we can build with a lot of details and we can project maps a bit updated like the games we can play now. The limits are still there but they are much higher now, so it is hard to encounter them. The main problem is a slow running effect: levels with huge maps now have a low framerate, but this will be fixed hopefully with the new NG-tomb4.exe Paolone is writing (he is an Italian Programmer, the one who wrote the NGLE)."

Lara for ever: "So, your current project is on its way, called Tomb Raider: Fables. And of course we are curious to learn more about. With seeing the first screenshots of this new level my thought was "back to the roots again". So, Psiko will keep his very own and unusual style of level building after the Treasure Island “intermission”?"

Antonio: "Yes, Fables is a return back to the roots. Not only for my style, but even for the gameplay we knew with [b]Tomb Raider 3. I always repeat that "Psiko's gameplay starts where Tomb Raider 3 gameplay ends". If you look at the screenshots, you can see that my style is there, colors are there, but maybe you could find them more pleasant and charming than before."

Lara for ever: "Can you tell us something about the story of the new level?"

Antonio: "Tomb Raider: Fables is the title of my next upcoming Tomb Raider game. Ancient and very known enemies from Lara Croft's past, rescue their energetic powerful technology to create an engine they call "Cornucopia". The "Cornucopia" is able to replicate (as many times as they wish) every item they insert in it. So, if they put a tree, they can get a forest made by replicated trees same as the original. Lara's enemies decided to put inside the cornucopia a "TIME PARADOX", in order the paradoxes will be infinite: this will destroy the Reality and the "time-space continuum" as we know it... giving birth to the Fables."

Lara for ever: "And can you also tell us about the degree of difficulty yet? Will the gameplay stay as demanding as we are used to it by your so far levels, or will it perhaps be more easy this time?"

Antonio: "Difficulties will be different and they will depend on the player himself... For example, many players like the large maps but many others do not. I like huge maps and few levels will have a "wondering around without knowing what to do" problem or, vice versa, the "exploring mood". It depends on how you call it, LOL. Other levels will be hard but VERY, VERY linear (no wondering around), so it will depend only on going forward to the next puzzle. What I am doing this time is to give difficulties in order to make the game interesting so that the player won't give it up. But my main interest is to publish this time without being in rush and being satisfied most of all... by the colors. Fables will have a great soundtrack too."

Lara for ever: "As I know you will release a demo version first, containing 4 levels of this project. Is there any release date yet, and how many levels will the full version contain in the end?"

Antonio: "I am preparing the entire game, but many things are very difficult to be done. One level is 99% completed, two levels are at 50% and the fourth level for the demo is still to be started. So I think that I need a lot of months to be ready even for the demo: let's say February/March 2008 for the demo, which won't be actually a demo, but 4 levels finished that will be included in the complete game. Fables will be done of 12 levels, but in the past I did preview 15 levels for my TR-A game and it finally contained about 30 tr4 files... :)"

Lara for ever: "Are you also creating cut scenes or FMV's for your new project, and if so, how many may we expect? Also, will there perhaps be new animations/movements for Lara?"

Antonio: "Yes to everything. I still have to plan how I am going to tell the story: if by cut scenes or FMVs, but I can tell I will use both of them. New unprecedented moves will be done as the next thing after I close the level I am working on now. There is already a new way to swim for Lara."

Lara for ever: "Can you realize all your visions for this new project, or do you still have to face limits where you have to compromise?"

Antonio: "No, I think there is no limit this time. The only limit I can think of is the time itself in realizing the project. I know how to build new moves, but if they take a long time in being done and I lose months, I do not know how much it is convenient. In fact, to prepare the only level I am working on, it took me until now 18 months... and this is not possible, entire games are build in this period. So I have to decide "what it is convenient to do" or not... Anyhow, I finally found a way to the new graphic for this game, a new "language", different from the Tomb Raider A one, so new levels will take a shorter time than 18 months."

Lara for ever: "What do you thing about the future of level editing? Is there still space to get beyond the limits of today, or have we seen all yet what would be possible in the TR Customlevel building world?"

Antonio: "There are still few things that can be said, especially when the upcoming new engine Paolone is writing will be released: I helped him with new ideas, together with an Italian forum of few members and we will be able to test it very soon. He is a great programmer and loves Lara as we do, and this is the best thing we could have. So, there will be a future for the level editing, but maybe it will be different from the past and it will be different from the classic TR games we know: but it will be various. For what I know, the new levels will have so many new features that it will be hard to put everything all together in the same level."

Lara for ever: "So, as it seems your new project will keep you working for an indefinite period. Is there any appraisement about the possible release of the full version yet, or would we still have to wait for further years?"

Antonio: "I plan to release the 4-levels-demo in the beginning of the next year, then I will have to relax for a short time: next working year will be very busy for me and all I can say is that I have to edit quietly, I mean not in rush... so I can't tell how many years, surely it will deserve the waiting for those who appreciated my last levels and I hope the new ones who will try this new upcoming one."

Lara for ever: "Thank you for this interview, Psiko!"

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