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interviewed by MichaelP in July 2002

Michael: "When and Why did you start working with the Leveleditor? Did you have any prior computer and/or programming experience?"

Christian Schleicher

Christian: "Well, I started when there was this little 'war' at the German Eidos Forum - can't remember when that was exactly. I did have some experience in editing and programming and building, but not with TR editing, but with 'rules.ini-programming of C&C, skin for CS and a few other games."

Michael: "What is important for you in your own levels? What will you never build into one?"

Christian: "Most important to me is atmosphere and a variety in enemies. For example, I really have had enough of the TR4-SAS and in bad levels I would probably rate a point down when I am unsure about which rating to give."

Michael: "Are you also playing other author's custom levels and which and why those?"

Christian: "Yes, I do play other levels, mainly to get inspiration or when I am bored as a nice diversion. I really play any level as long as it looks good on screenshots or had a few good reviews or comments, but it should not be too much of bad sci-fi or Egyptian temples..."

Michael: "Can you envision a joint work on a level with another level designer? Who? Anybody who you would like to meet in person and have a beer with?"

Christian: "Well to 'have a beer with' I could name many. Actually anybody who does not hate me yet."Caribbean Disaster 1-3

Michael: "Do you read reviews about your levels and do you care about them?"

Christian: "Of course I read them, but I do not care about them that much, because mostly the reviewers describe not what could be done better, but only what they did not like."

Michael: "Any hobbies other than TR? How does your family/spouse/friends deal with your TR work - do they play as well?"

Christian: "I do not know anybody playing TR and living near me except Sheevah (who I do not know in person but only through the forum). Hobbies would be shooting and many other PC games, mainly Renegade, CnC ,Counter Strike und Resident Evil, and TV, oh and also my cat and dog and the English language."

Michael: "Where do you live? Is that also were you grew up? Have you traveled? Where to?"

Caribbean Disaster 7/8

Christian: "Yes I grew up here where I live in Hessen between Wiesbaden (20 minutes away) and Frankfurt (30-45 minutes). I have traveled a lot: Egypt twice, Dom.Rep. twice, USA roundtrip, Mexico, Tunesia, Austria, Italy a few times, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Asia roundtrip,..."

Michael: "Do you have any idols or a credo for your life? What is important to you in order for you to be a happy person?"

Christian: "I don't have any real idols, but many (too many to list) people I respect and look up to. To be happy I need my PC and my own space and whatever else people need to be happy, such as friends, family, pets, love..."

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