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Danilo Rocha interviewed by Ian Smith aka Marksdad in May 2004

Ian: "Tell us a little about yourself. Age, location, occupation?"

Danilo: "Well, I am 14 years old, I am a student and I live in Brazil."

Danilo Rocha

Ian: "You know, it's the varied age range of level builders that pleases me most, I think. So, what's it like to be 14 and living in Brazil? And, while we're at it, what sort of things do 14 year olds not like?"

Danilo: "There is a lot of kinds of people my age, some like sports and some, like me, like computers. War! War makes me angry; people want to make wars just for interests."

Ian: "My eldest son is almost 14, and he feels the same way. OK, your first level appeared online only in January of this year. Does this mean that you came to Level Editing rather late?"Sacred Stones 1

Danilo: "I have been making levels a long time ago, since the editor was created, but I never finished then, Sacred Stones 1 was the 1st I could finish, so I decided to put it on line. I dont think it was late because Lara's adventures for level editor will not disappear soon."

Ian: "I loved the scenery in Sacred Stones 1 (released Jan 24, 2004) but I wasn't too sure about the costume. Did you create it yourself, or will someone else take the blame?"

Danilo: "When I created Lara's bikini, I wanted to make something different and cool. I tested jungle cammos and green clothes but nothing worked, then I created a bikini and put it in the level, just for fun!"

Sacred Stones 2

Ian: "Sacred Stones 2 (released Jan 31, 2004) was the largest of the three (at least, for me) and was more interesting, gameplay-wise. How do you devise the layout of your levels; do you draw it all out beforehand, or just see what happens as you build?"

Danilo: "Before making this level, I played many games, not just TRC levels, to have some idea, but I didn't draw it, I just started making it. Sometimes, in Sacred Stones 2, I wanted to make a real spy level, but I couldn't... Lara's moves are based on exploration, and the SAS guards just shoot at every thing that moves."

Ian: "Sacred Stones 3 (released Feb 15, 2004) looked really convincing. How easy did you find the Level Editor interface to use? Did you have to build any 'test' levels, to see how they appeared? Or did you take to it easily?"

Danilo: "The editor interface is easy when you learn how to use it. It took me 1 year to learn everything I used in the Sacred Stones levels. Some people sent me emails to know how to make levels, I also received emails from builders asking how to make a diagonal wall, like in Sacred Stones 2."

Ian: "All three parts of the Sacred Stones were released within a few days of each other. Does this mean that you built them at great speed."

Sacred Stones 3

Danilo: "I was in vacation time!, thats why I built them so fast, and I already had the idea for the 3 levels. When I was at home, I JUST built levels, I spent all my day making them! But now I don't have much time... :(."

Ian: "There were times when your gameplay (to put it tactfully) could have been boosted by the inclusion of a few 'puzzles'. Is this something you'll consider doing in future, or are you only interested in 'action' levels?"

Danilo: "When I was making Sacred stones, I didnt know how to make good puzzles; but in my next levels, I am trying to make some harder ones. I don't really know what is important to make a level, you just have to want to make something nice."

Ian: "Have you had any feedback/read the reviews of your work? If so, how did you feel? Do your family support you in your level building?"

Danilo: "I read all reviews of my levels, and I think it's good, some people sent me emails to know me! I think 6.6 is a good rate for my first level. No, my family is not interested in TRLE."

Ian: "What's your favourite moment from Sacred Stones?"

Danilo: "Well, I loved the underwater cave, in part 3."

Ian: "Will the Sacred Stones saga continue to a fourth part? If not, will there be another adventure in the future?"

Danilo: "I think I will make another level of Sacred Stones, but now I am making a Jungle adventure, it doesn´t have a plot yet. I am also making an underwater base, just for fun! :)."Eye of Shiva

Ian: "Another Jungle level! Thare are quite a few out there, you know. What will make this one special? Sell it to us!"

Danilo: "It will be 2 or 3 levels. It will start in the a small river, Lara arrives with her jeep, you will have to find a lost temple to find a golden statue, a powerful artifact. The second level will be in the jungle too, but at night, the spirits of the temple are hunting Lara. She will have to find a safe way to sleep. The 3rd level will be in the jungle too, this one will be little short, you just have to find the jeep."

Ian: "I'm sure we'll all look forward to them. Thanks for doing the interview, and... keep building!"

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