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Jackie Wu aka GeckoKid interviewed by Terry Barrett aka Dhama in October 2002

Terry: "For the first question, I just have to ask. Jackie Chan is one of my favourites martial artist actors closely followed by Jet Li, but has this type of film ever interested you? And have you ever studied martial arts in any form?"

Jackie Wu aka GeckoKid

Jackie: "I like both of them, but not really into them. I never studied martial arts, but I can really kick very high (can kick the head of a person who is a head taller than me), I don't know why."

Terry: "Do you have a close family or are they like mine; scattered throughout your country?"

Jackie: "My mom and dad live in Hong Kong. So are my grandparents, aunties and uncles, except one sister of my father now staying in Australia with my cousin in his university."

Terry: "You are not allowed a pet at home but if you could own a pet, would it be a Gecko?"

Jackie: "Instead, a big lizard would be preferable. Or a medium sized snake. I found reptiles are really cute! I just like them being independent and happy on their own. If I live on my own I may have a lizard or two."

Terry: "Cats are one of your favourite pets; what is it about a cat that attracts you?"

Jackie: "Unlike dogs, they are not really having a relationship like master and slave (don't kill me :p). Instead, like a friend. It wouldn't always beg you for food and a walk. It is always on it's own and happy with privacy. Oh and a cat doesn't stink (I think they smell good) and are VERY CUTE!"

Terry: "Your graphic design interest; is this something that is self taught or learnt at school/college etc.?"

Jackie: "I am self-taught. And exchanging with other designers are great experiences. When I was 12, I met two great designers and we learn much skill between one another."

Terry: "With all your interests I would have thought you'd be glad of sleep from time to time but you don't like sleeping; why is that?"

Jackie: "Coz I think it's a waste of time. Actually I would hate to sleep if I have a chance to be in love, even when I am sleeping with her. I'll sleep for 10 years after that."

Terry: "Love is fleeting so they say, and there isn't one person on this planet that hasn't loved and lost, but what is the most important thing in your mind that a relationship can have?"

Jackie: "I am not sure... but I really hope such a thing as 'friendship forever' exists. And get people closer instead of wider. I don't wear a mask to fool. I am I. (But my mom wears mask: Insurance agent)."


Terry: "With this in mind, what do you find more important in your life; creative projects or social pursuits (hanging out with friends etc.)?"

Jackie: "I used not to care as much about my friends before... actually after the 9/11 and my best friend's mother passed away, I started to realise how vulnerable life can be. Then I started to really care about them and try much time on them. This may be a bad attitude since I gave up time on studying, but I did choose friends carefully before. I know what's worthy and what's not, however not of most of the families, which want their kids to study well and get A's like mine. I disappoint my family a lot when it's about my marks - the only thing they seem to care of. Yes they do work really hard to make me good, but I don't think they understand that's not what I really want. Or they do, but the world doesn't. C'est la vie."

Terry: "Sometimes only an angry person dislikes anger, because it's this that makes them angry, but have you ever lost your cool yourself?"

Jackie: "Not in real life. I cry, but I don't get angry easily. I can get frustrated when someone annoys me VERY much, then I still get along with it and talk to my friends about it to feel better. ICQ is a good medium, but not the best. I'd prefer meeting each other face-by-face instead, the simplest but best (yeah it's hard when there is distance)."

Terry: "How about smoking, I hate cigarettes myself, but how do you deal with a situation when you're in a room with smokers? Do you just walk out or put up with it?"

Jackie: "I used to do weird things to make them know I am annoyed, like covering my nose, coughing and sneezing etc. Then walk away. But here I deal with smokers everyday. I just try to get used to it. Sometimes before I approach them I take a big breath and walk past them (like in front of the college). I don't make friends with smokers. So I don't have to worry about trying to get along with them (for a long time)."

Terry: "You keep a diary; is it something that is important or is it just a habit that you started at a young age?"

Jackie: "It is NOT a habit started at a young age, but instead in these few days. My mom used to supervise me and it gave me a lot of stress. I dare not writing a diary. But here I write it and I don't mind my friends reading them. My diary is mostly about my feelings; I don't mention what happens here in Nottingham a lot. The feelings are about how I treat my friends, the good and bad times. Every time I revise it (though it's currently only a few paragraphs) it really touches me."

Terry: "Do you find that you express yourself more through your diary than through other physical means?"

Jackie: "I don't hit people unless it's just joking or for fun. I actually like listening to my friends. I want to know them more. I am a Leo, and I like standing under spotlight. I love to hang out with my friends. I like a lot of social activities. But not really into meeting new people though. I just get pretty uncomfortable in the first meet. I listen to music a lot. Pop music."

Terry: "On the question of the supernatural, you believe all animals have souls, but what happens to these souls after death?"

Jackie: "3 days ago a bee went into my room at night (I open my windows, to diffuse the smell of the smoke). It kept hitting the light ahead, and it got on my shoulder (coz I am right under the light). Luckily it didn't sting me (I was stung by a bee when I was in Connecticut US, 1996). Then I decide to turn the light off to keep it from hitting it (sounds painful to me and the wings flapping gives me the creeps, you know, the 'wweeeeee' sound). I sleep alone every night here, maybe it's here to spend the night with me. I talked to the bee (not really from the mouth, just talking in my mind) and shed tears... Yeah I miss my friends. Ok, back to the question. The next day the bee didn't leave my room (the window was wide open) and it was dead. I dunno, maybe its soul is still around the room. I don't have a strong belief in ghosts, nor do I not believe them. I don't think ghosts are scary somehow I want to meet them. Er, what shall I say.... 4 years ago I had a very close friend with blood cancer passed away. That was when I start to want to meet ghosts if there are any. Ghosts were once loved dead souls, which are not forgotten I think.

Terry: "Well on a lighter note, you like Gillian Anderson; what is it you like about her? (Incidentally I love the shape of her mouth and the type of clothes she wears on the Xfiles)"

Jackie: "I like how she looks - actually she made me fancy Lara. Her acting is great. She IS beautiful. Yeah and I am a big fan of X-files."

Terry: "OK, now to the Level Editor. The question about your level building; I can get frustrated if a room or puzzle doesn't want to work because of the limitations of the Level Editor, but do you feel that you'll ever release another one?"

Jackie: "I may release another one, but I don't have the PRJ now.... and the Wad isn't really good. Oh yes I am bad at trigger logics. I just never get what I want it to do. Switches and Doors are already really hard to me. Not to mention pickup triggers..."

Terry: "I feel much the same as a lot of people that upon the release of Angel of Darkness, that custom levels will take a firm back seat; but how do you feel?"

Jackie: "Of course custom levels will live on, as long as there are new ones. You know, the mods for games like Quake, C&C and even very old games really keep the spirit alive. And I believe constantly people keep learning from making levels and eventually there will be a lot of experts and excellent levels, each with their own style. And that will never be boring. And I believe when somebody steps out, somebody will be in and get addicted to it."

Terry: "Have you ever considered using a different game level editor, perhaps one that has more options?"

Jackie: "I did use Quake map editor before and found it difficult to texture. Though eventually I made one map, which is a pyramid. I tried Half-life ones too, still I can't understand much about it. To my personal opinion, maybe it's because of the excellent manual, TR Level Editor is really easy to use and get used to. Oh, the RA2 map editor is a good one; well it's completely different from TR's except they have very complicated (which I can never get to understand the logic) triggering."

Beneath the Forbidden City

Terry: "Now we all know of the great success of Beneath the Forbidden City, to me it's the benchmark of all custom levels; but how would you personally compare it with the custom levels of today?"

Jackie: "Thanks. Today creators are in luck, there are a lot of tools for them to make levels out of their personal imaginations more. Like custom objects and animations. I haven't tried the animation editor yet; cause it sounds difficult to me. I really am dropped out when it's about objects and puzzles. I am bad at solving puzzles actually in the previous TR legacies. But I really like to awe at levels (south pacific and London ones are really good official levels with great atmospheric scenes) architectures etc. And I am pretty confident with lightings now; it really has improved a lot after BTFC. :)"Back to Basics - Desert Ruins and the Serpent Tower

Terry: "On the question of custom levels, who is your favourite builder at the moment and why?"

Jackie: "I don't play many custom levels.... But it should be Piega's Last Crusade. Though I didn't finish his levels I found the level is already an awesome artwork. His creative use of objects and textures really make the environment very realistic and I love his lighting too, though somehow too simple in some places. Sorry that very weird styles are just not my cup of tea, like Psiko's levels... I don't mean his levels are bad!"

Terry: "Have you got your copy of Angel of Darkness reserved yet?"

Jackie: "No. Actually I didn't plan to. I am pretty tight in cash here."

Terry: "Ok, about your website 'Geckokid Interactive'; how long did it take to create or is it an ongoing project."

Jackie: "Actually the name GeckoKid Interactive is 5 years old already. It isn't really interactive is it? A childish name. I want to make a version 5, but just lack of ideas etc. And I was really busy/lazy."

Terry: "So you're now in the UK studying, it must be an exciting time for you right now even though you miss your friends; What are you studying at the moment?"

Jackie: "Just got back from the goose fair actually. I've made a few friends here. It's not really exciting though. I got used to everything so fast. (But that's always; I am always very capable about new environments, well, physically.) I am studying AS Level this year, with subjects Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Film Studies."

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