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interviewed by Cheryl Kinkoph aka Momster in September 2002 (additional questions by Bekkie Williams aka Bex)

Cher: "Tina is 25 and lives in the UK. She is the youngest in a family of seven children and has two brothers, one of which she doesn't see very often, and four sisters. She shares a house with her brother Terry (Dhama), and Kevin (Staticon) who is her close friend and music teacher. According to Tina, they all co- exist quite well together, although sometimes there is the odd wrestling match with her brother as to who gets to the PC first (lol). It is Terry’s PC and they both use it for the internet and Level Editing as Tina's laptop is a little slow for creating levels on and Tomb Raider will 'not run within acceptable parameters'."

Tina Barrett

Tina: "Co-habitation really does work here because we all appear to be like-minded, so I guess it was no surprise we have all released levels. However, I feel what you really require is a little 'dirt'... (lol) Well what can I say, there is nothing to tell, and we all get on so well it is unreal. We all take it in turns for housework and cooking, although Terry is by far the best cook around here."

Cher: "She got into Level Editing obviously through her brother, and finds it so diverse from her work life that she enjoys it immensely and spends as much spare time as she can with it. Tina also was introduced to an old game called 'Doom' which she found very exciting, if not a little too violent, and ‘Hexen’, which she much preferred; this is where the idea for Castle Doomsday originated. Wanting to create a Hexen level, however finding the editor for this far too complex and involved, she switched to the Tomb Raider level editor. In fact, she was not a fan of Tomb Raider until she started using the editor and then started to play some of the games (halfway through creating Castle Doomsday, which is why it took so long to complete), and also did this throughout creating Doomsdays Dungeons. She has now managed to complete all of them except for the original which she is still playing, yes! she played them backwards - Chronicles first followed by Revelations etc.

One question that most ask, is why she chose to be Data, and in Michael Prager's words 'why would a beautiful young lady decide to portray herself as a male android'? In a nutshell, when Tina was younger and Star Trek the next generation was on TV, apparently she used to act like Data and even started to talk like him, and as she grew up she inherited the nickname. Tina was never really fanatical about Star Trek it was just a few of the characters that she liked. One of her other favorites being Worf; he was always just so funny, but Data, not only extremely amusing, was always kind and helpful to everyone so she hopes she has taken on at least some of his attributes. However, Tina adds, she sees the guise of Data as being just a mask, a little like a masked ball situation; you never quite know who is behind the mask. Although most now know what she looks like, the image displayed in the author's list is quite an old one, almost 5 years old, and was taken at a new years party at her old college."

Bex had a couple of quick fire topics for Tina – they were:

Bex: "Bhajis or Samosas?"

Tina: "I love Indian food, however onions have a habit of talking back at me hours after, so it would have to be Samosas. On the topic of food, I cannot stop eating Indian food, in my opinion it has the most interesting flavors."

Castle Doomsday

Bex: "Picard or Chekotay?"

Tina: "Patrick Stewart is a fine actor and did make Jean Luc Picard very believable, however the Chekotay character never really took off for me, so it would have to be Worf (lol)."

Bex: "Music or art (not that music isn't an art in itself!)?"

Tina: "I played the piano and violin in my teens however it is my brother who appears to have taken to music more, and I never really did go for art in a big way; I guess I must rely my on the logical side of the brain, which is probably why I became (or am soon to become) a psychologist."

Cher: "Tina’s very first level, that Terry started and she continued with, nobody ever saw, except for a couple of screenshots (it had many trees in it, although she now bows to the master that is Jon Heywood). However it was before she had got into the habit of saving often and lost the whole level. It was sad and frustrating, however no use crying over spilt milk and soon got over it and started Castle Doomsday, and the rest is history."

Bex: "Why is Jon such an inspiration and what particular aspects of his work do you admire."

Tina: "Jon Heywood's trees? Simply a standing joke between us, you see we were both creating levels with trees and somewhere in a thread I had mentioned that my trees would be far superior to his, however I had to savor an unpretentious pastry as I now hail him the 'tree king' (lol)."

Cher: "A little background on Tina’s affiliation with Eidos:"

Tina: Castle Doomsday 2 - Doomsday's Dungeons"I joined Eidos forum in May 2001 and at first was just there for fun, as I had no prior interest in Tomb Raider. I started out having the now infamous and humorous fights with a certain 'Mr. Spock' who was an old friend. Other members seemed to enjoy what we were doing and so it continued. I then became pre-occupied with Lara Croft's adventures; I guess I was impressed by her animations and so found myself pulled into the games. I soon became moderator of TRA forums or 'The naughty boys' forum as someone once called it, and began to get involved with the level editor. As I have said, my brother (Terry) and Staticon (Kev) both taught me everything they knew about the workings of the editor, and at this point I began to take over Terry’s PC; although he did not mind too much as he simply used my antiquated laptop. Around the turn of 2002 I became moderator at Eidos forums and it has worked out very well. I never have many irate emails or private messages, in fact I believe I have only had one, however that did not escalate much further; I guess they believed it futile to argue a point with an android (lol) My brother was a moderator at Eidos long before me, however he found it too saddening that some friends he had appeared to turn nasty after his appointment, so he decided to quit as moderator. I guess it must have been hard at the time as the TRLE forum did not have a moderator for a time even though Reb’s name was still under the 'moderator' heading, and so there were a few that believed they 'ruled the roost' as it were. Things are different now at the TRLE forum as there are now a collection of the nicest people you could meet, and all so helpful; I certainly enjoy my time at the 'helm' :)"

Cher: "What was the inspiration for Castle Doomsday? And can we find out more about that first level, what we missed out on – and more importantly – whether you plan to remake it in the future?"

Castle Doomsday 3 - The Final Battle

Tina: "The setting for Castle Doomsday and the sequel came about after playing an old game called Hexen and Doom. I simply wanted to create an environment for Lara Croft that had not been attempted before. I do like castles anyway and love to visit them; I find them absolutely fascinating. My first level, which was lost, was to be a similar setting. However I wanted to try my hand at creating trees (see above). The actual level was by far a long way from completion anyway so I do not believe anything was missed. I incorporated a few things from the original level into Castle Doomsday anyway."

Cher: "Finally, we are all wondering what the plans are now that the excellent Doomsday series is approaching its end. Are you planning to continue level building, and if so what can we all look forward to?"

Tina: "I am currently working on a two-part finale CD3, however I believe Terry wishes to finish his Temple of Thieves level that has been on hold since I took over his PC. So please do not expect it too soon. I can guarantee that it will be out on the 13th of???..."

(editor's note: Tina released Castle Doomsday 3 - The Final Battle on February 13th 2003; screenshot on the right.)

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