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TR1 - 27

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The Tomb of Nephilim Kapitaen Ryan 7/7/8/8 16-Oct
Water Library M@ster kabal 4/2/4/5 16-Oct
Princess of Persia (Demo) PH Ceamonks890 2/1/1/2 16-Oct
Escape with the Amulet of Horus MichaelP kabal 5/5/4/4 16-Oct
Home Attack (TR2) Fabio kabal 5/5/5/5 16-Oct
Quirks of Time - Part 1: The Building Trent Kurtis Sakusha 8/8/9/9 15-Oct
LB Advent Calendar 2007 - Another Home several builders High Priestess 9/9/8/10 15-Oct
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Temple of Amen Ra AgentXP Shinny 10/10/10/10 15-Oct
The Skribblerz Stonez 4 - Dragon of Alexandria Leonvdn Phil 9/8/9/8 15-Oct
BtB2015 - A Big Fat Greek Adventure TrueRaider Jose 6/7/8/9 15-Oct
Hagix 10th Anniversary Lara Croft Ryan 7/7/7/8 15-Oct
LB Advent Calendar 2005 - Playable Title masha Ryan 4/5/7/7 15-Oct
VCI Space Base Cornchild Ryan 6/6/7/7 15-Oct
LB Advent Calendar 2005 - The Week before Christmas Nick Ryan 5/6/7/7 15-Oct
Freezing Islands 2: The Movie Slash kabal 6/6/5/5 14-Oct
Burning Library M@ster kabal 3/2/4/5 14-Oct
BtB2015 - Remnants of a Nemesis Ludo Haruspex Jose 7/7/8/8 14-Oct
Tomb Survivor Miss Kroft Ryan 6/7/7/7 14-Oct
Chinese Artefact hmkayfloh Ryan 8/7/7/7 14-Oct
Temple of Merenptah Duffgamer kabal 5/6/7/6 14-Oct
Jungle Falls Simon Woodward kabal 3/3/4/3 14-Oct
Journey in Togarma eRIC Nomad 10/10/9/9 14-Oct
Lara Croft: I am Legend several builders High Priestess 10/10/10/10 13-Oct
Neon Gabriel Croft Josey 9/9/9/10 13-Oct
Silent Vill (Demo, German) Dark Death High Priestess 10/10/9/10 13-Oct
Path to Damnation mathew9r manarch2 5/6/8/7 13-Oct
BtB2015 - Khalepa Ta Kala tombraiderxii Jose 7/8/8/9 13-Oct
TR Apocalypse 1 - Midnight Madness Leveldesigner Ryan 3/3/4/2 13-Oct
Path to Damnation mathew9r Jay 8/8/9/8 13-Oct
BtB2010 - Cult of the Mask TombMaker High Priestess 7/10/9/8 13-Oct
Skate or Die Skateboard Kid Ryan 4/4/4/5 13-Oct
Souls of the Fire Satanoff Ryan 7/8/8/7 13-Oct
Return to 40 Fathoms thewolf Gorty 6/4/6/4 12-Oct
English Countryside Bigfoot Gerty 5/6/5/5 12-Oct
Tomb Raider Destruction - Umbrella Corp. Skyler Ortega Ryan 3/5/7/8 12-Oct
Harmony Around a Red Star (Prologue) - The Hidden Lair Bigfoot Gerty 8/9/9/9 12-Oct
Path to Damnation mathew9r Hedteur 7/7/9/9 12-Oct
Path to Damnation mathew9r Gorty 6/8/10/6 12-Oct
Cakeworld DJ Full The Boo 7/10/8/5 12-Oct
The Templars Secret (Demo) Toby_13 Ryan 6/6/8/8 12-Oct
The Artifact of Peru Matias Flores Ryan 5/4/5/5 12-Oct
Cakeworld DJ Full Phil 9/10/10/9 12-Oct
Peruvian Brotherhood - Part 1 DarkRaver Ryan 7/7/8/8 12-Oct
Return to Luds Gate sonnyd83 Ryan 9/9/9/8 11-Oct
Tomb of Kjartan Kjartan kabal 6/5/5/5 11-Oct
Night in Vegas Lukasz Croft High Priestess 5/5/5/5 11-Oct
Path to Damnation mathew9r Jose 4/6/8/8 11-Oct
BtB2015 - The Labyrinth of the Minotaur IvanTRFan Jose 5/6/8/6 11-Oct
LB Advent Calendar 2005 - Once upon a Time Horus Ryan 9/9/10/10 11-Oct
The Skribblerz Stonez 4 - The Hall of Time rufierto Phil 8/8/9/9 11-Oct
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