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TR4 - 2707
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TR2 - 85
TR1 - 28

57266 reviews (19.3 / level)
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levelname author reviewer scores
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Ice Palace Unkwon Ceamonks890 1/2/2/2 20-Mar
The Egypt Adventure notbad Ceamonks890 2/2/2/1 20-Mar
Closed Timelike Curves Greywolf Ceamonks890 3/4/4/5 20-Mar
In London: Big Church/Underground Ego Torry 6/6/6/6 20-Mar
BtB2010 - Abandoned Theater Jose Gerty 7/8/8/7 19-Mar
Poseidons Sanctum Reboot Sarikman Torry 8/8/9/7 19-Mar
LB Advent Calendar 2017 - Forest Kingdom AgentXP requiemsoul 8/8/9/9 19-Mar
House Party TiZook Ceamonks890 5/5/5/6 19-Mar
Croft Manor Aurelien52 Ceamonks890 2/6/4/6 19-Mar
The Experiment - Intro Bojrkraider Ceamonks890 7/8/8/8 19-Mar
Lara's New Mansion Trdan69 Ceamonks890 1/1/1/1 19-Mar
Jade Empress Trdan69 Ceamonks890 1/1/1/1 19-Mar
Lara's Home on Red Alert Dennis De Grande Ceamonks890 0/0/1/1 19-Mar
Egypt Catacombs Gabriel Croft Ceamonks890 0/1/0/1 19-Mar
Lara's Home in Africa Gabriel Croft Ceamonks890 0/1/0/1 19-Mar
Lara's Nightmares 1 - Egypt Gabriel Croft Ceamonks890 0/1/0/1 19-Mar
The Pyramid of Fire Gabriel Croft Ceamonks890 0/0/0/1 19-Mar
Croft Manor in Paris Gabriel Croft Ceamonks890 0/1/1/1 19-Mar
Toy Story (Demo) GokuZ Ceamonks890 2/3/2/2 19-Mar
Lara Croft Manor Human Ceamonks890 2/7/7/7 19-Mar
The Holy Grail Daoine Sidhe Ryan 9/9/9/9 19-Mar
Mystic Realm Danath Nuri 7/8/9/8 19-Mar
Hell's Nightmare - Return To Hell LaraCroftBaby Ryan 3/6/6/7 19-Mar
Ship Graveyard Gabriel Croft Ryan 4/7/6/6 19-Mar
1000 Feet Under Patricia Torry 8/9/10/9 19-Mar
Karels Manor Ruu11 Ryan 6/6/6/7 19-Mar
Passageways V2.0 Bojan Kostic Ceamonks890 1/1/1/1 18-Mar
Vacation Home (Christmas Mission Bonus Level) Adriel Ceamonks890 7/8/8/8 18-Mar
Oil Rig Escapade thewolf Nuri 4/5/6/6 18-Mar
Escape from Zerlok Tinka Treeble 5/6/6/6 18-Mar
The Flying Temple Codo Treeble 9/9/10/10 18-Mar
Temple of Atawalpa 3ki3ro Treeble 3/3/3/3 18-Mar
Heathen Temple Blacksheep Treeble 7/8/10/9 18-Mar
Top Secret (Gizli Ust) Cagatay Caliskan Treeble 2/4/5/3 18-Mar
Return to 40 Fathoms thewolf Nuri 7/8/9/7 18-Mar
Tomb Raider I revised Daoine Sidhe Ryan 9/10/10/9 18-Mar
Lara's Meeting Landavia High Priestess 5/5/10/8 18-Mar
Lost Temple of the Pyrenees Danath Nuri 6/7/7/7 17-Mar
BtB2010 - Aurum Potestas Est jawi Gerty 8/7/8/7 17-Mar
Send Nero to Hell! Marcos dinne 9/7/5/8 17-Mar
The Theatre of Venice Nick High Priestess 8/10/9/10 17-Mar
Send Nero to Hell! Marcos requiemsoul 8/9/8/9 17-Mar
The Forgotten Grave Lin Fu Ceamonks890 5/5/6/5 17-Mar
Tomb of Fury Jer_Atch Ceamonks890 2/2/2/2 17-Mar
TR-Chapter Level 2 Sweet Ceamonks890 7/7/8/8 17-Mar
Lara's First Try The Kenster alan 7/7/7/6 16-Mar
BtB2010 - One Day in Venice l.m. jtrim 8/9/10/10 16-Mar
The Rescue 1-4 MagPlus jtrim 9/10/10/10 16-Mar
Dinosaur Research Centre Mr XY OlafRaider 8/8/8/8 16-Mar
Carlos Level Carlos De La Calle Jay 5/7/6/6 16-Mar
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