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Tomb Raider Unfinished Business - Remake ggctuk Ryan 8/7/8/7 25-Mar
Jungle Expedition Kevin18 Ryan 7/7/8/8 25-Mar
Chocolate's Home Sweet Home Chocolate Ryan 3/4/4/4 25-Mar
Egypt Gizeh Demo Kevin18 Ryan 4/5/6/7 25-Mar
A Time Foregot 2 Jeff Sadler Jose 3/4/3/4 25-Mar
The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra Mystery-King Orbit Dream 8/8/7/9 25-Mar
LB Advent Calendar 2018 - TR2-Golden Mask - Nigthmare in Vegas Remake PedroTheGamer Jose 4/5/6/6 25-Mar
LB Advent Calendar 2018 - A Summer Adventure mugs Jose 8/10/10/10 25-Mar
Holy Conundrum (Demo) pTURKEYq Ryan 3/4/7/7 25-Mar
The Curse of Poseidon Bodlac Ryan 5/6/7/5 24-Mar
BtB2010 - The Power of the Dragon Matie Gerty 7/8/9/9 24-Mar
Day on the Train Osvaldo Ceamonks890 5/5/5/5 23-Mar
Tomb Raider - The Discovery PhryneCroft Ceamonks890 9/9/9/9 23-Mar
The Swamp Feder Jorge22 9/10/10/10 23-Mar
The Inca Trail dennis16 Ryan 8/8/8/9 23-Mar
The Espana Secret (Full Version) Harrys Ryan 6/7/7/8 23-Mar
Scottish Mysteries phms2010 Ryan 5/5/6/6 23-Mar
Templars Secret Feder Samu 9/8/9/8 22-Mar
One Room Challenge - Snow Business Mystery-King Ceamonks890 7/8/6/8 22-Mar
The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra Mystery-King Ceamonks890 7/8/7/8 22-Mar
The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra Mystery-King DJ Full 9/9/9/9 22-Mar
LB Advent Calendar 2018 - The Prophet's Trail Talos Jose 6/7/8/8 22-Mar
Necro's Domain 6 - Lost in the Catacombs Necro Ryan 8/7/8/6 22-Mar
The Ultimate Search 2 - The Escape Cory Smith Ryan 5/5/6/6 22-Mar
The Crystal 1 - Lara's House christayc Ryan 3/4/4/5 22-Mar
The Trail of the Unknown - The Lost Temple (Demo) dantheraider Ryan 4/5/5/5 22-Mar
The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra Mystery-King Jose 8/8/8/9 21-Mar
The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra Mystery-King Feder 9/9/9/9 21-Mar
Search for the Holy Grail - Caves of Greece PedroTheGamer Jose 5/6/6/6 21-Mar
Snow Adventure LionGirl_90 Phil 5/5/6/6 21-Mar
Crystals of Amun 1+2 dennis16 Ryan 7/8/9/9 21-Mar
The Door for the Paradise 4 - The Paradise Rezaffiro Ryan 7/7/8/9 21-Mar
Mortualia de Rigor B. Howaito Ryan 3/4/5/5 21-Mar
The Mystery of the Catacombs dantheraider Ryan 2/3/3/2 21-Mar
Tahir's House Tahir Zia Ryan 3/4/3/2 20-Mar
Lara's Dream 9 staticon Ryan 9/9/9/9 20-Mar
The Mystic Temple LionGirl_90 Jose 4/5/5/6 20-Mar
South Pacific Contest - Paradise Island illyaine misho98 6/7/8/7 19-Mar
Search for the Lost Gold Hand (Part 1) PedroTheGamer Jose 1/2/2/2 19-Mar
Remnants of Darkness Perceiver Jose 5/7/7/5 19-Mar
Temple of Lud Osvaldo Phil 8/9/9/8 19-Mar
The Amazonian Scroll Gabriel Croft Gerty 6/6/6/7 19-Mar
Brazilia Pablo Fuentes Ryan 6/6/7/6 19-Mar
Tomb Raider - The Discovery PhryneCroft Ryan 9/9/10/10 18-Mar
Ynys Witrin - Episode 2 Miss Kroft Jay 8/8/9/9 18-Mar
The Tomb near the Lost Valley Leandro Dubost Jay 7/8/8/7 18-Mar
Necro's Domain 5 - The Hidden Oasis Necro Jay 7/7/7/6 18-Mar
Costa Rica Bonus Level - Motel Savahna Dnf Productions Ryan 6/7/7/8 18-Mar
The Door for the Paradise Rezaffiro Ryan 7/7/8/7 18-Mar
Incan Ruined City Mohrruebe Jose 8/9/8/9 18-Mar
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