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Calm before the Storm OverRaider Ryan 9/9/10/9 28-Mar
Quest for the Golden Skull 1 - Dawn in London Mr. Feng Shui High Priestess 3/3/3/3 27-Mar
The Spear of Destiny (La Lancia del Destino) Ale8730 Ryan 6/6/5/5 27-Mar
Lost Artifact of Heroic Manliness (v1.3) Mulf DJ Full 7/8/9/8 26-Mar
The Jurassic Stone GMac Phil 8/9/8/9 26-Mar
The lost Streets of Cairo Asse Pedro Phil 7/7/8/7 26-Mar
The Great Wall (Full version) Lara_Fox_Croft Ryan 7/7/9/8 26-Mar
One Room Challenge - So many Memories MBog Ryan 3/4/3/3 26-Mar
Relics of Power (Part 1) Seth94 Lokky99 9/9/9/9 25-Mar
Back to Basics - Mourning Palace Horus Minox 10/9/10/10 25-Mar
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Search for the Sun Seraph kaufi-lc Minox 9/9/8/8 25-Mar
Royal Bengal Tigers Dark Death Ryan 9/9/9/9 25-Mar
Search for the Crystal Leona kabal 5/5/7/7 24-Mar
Cape Fear The Vagrant vienna 9/9/10/10 24-Mar
Black Fortress of Antarctica Ruediger Phil 7/7/7/7 24-Mar
Lara's Diary 2 Zycwty Mulf 5/5/5/5 24-Mar
Tarragona 1+2 - Escipions Tower/Escipions Caves Josep Borrut DJ Full 7/7/9/7 24-Mar
Tarragona 3 - Devil's Bridge Josep Borrut DJ Full 9/9/9/8 24-Mar
Tarragona 4 - Devil's Lair Josep Borrut DJ Full 7/6/8/7 24-Mar
Tarragona 5 - The Underground Empire Josep Borrut DJ Full 7/7/9/7 24-Mar
Tarragona 6 - Algernon's Lab Josep Borrut DJ Full 6/7/8/6 24-Mar
Tarragona 7 - Civilisations Crossroads Josep Borrut DJ Full 8/9/9/8 24-Mar
Tarragona 8+9 - Final Countdown / Caves of Steel Josep Borrut DJ Full 7/10/9/8 24-Mar
The Temple Bamba vienna 6/7/5/6 23-Mar
Tomb of Water Emanuel Top Ryan 7/8/8/7 23-Mar
The Door for the Paradise 3 - The Door for the Hell Rezaffiro Ryan 7/7/8/8 23-Mar
Abandoned Mine Igor vienna 7/7/8/7 22-Mar
Ice mugs Ryan 9/8/8/9 22-Mar
The Mystery of London Zoo BHM Productions kabal 7/7/7/7 22-Mar
Venice Building CityOfLara kabal 3/3/1/2 22-Mar
The Trident CityOfLara kabal 1/1/2/2 22-Mar
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Temple of Amen Ra AgentXP SrDanielPonces 8/8/10/10 22-Mar
The Search Dutchy Ryan 9/8/9/9 22-Mar
Harbor of Ocean Level3 AlesJPN Ryan 9/9/9/9 21-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 1-4: India Raider Croft DJ Full 6/8/6/4 21-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 5-7: Chile Raider Croft DJ Full 6/8/6/5 21-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 8-11: Spain Raider Croft DJ Full 7/8/8/6 21-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 12-13: USA Raider Croft DJ Full 5/7/7/6 21-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 14-15: Portugal Raider Croft DJ Full 6/7/8/7 21-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa Gold: IS Tech Tower several builders DJ Full 4/3/6/5 21-Mar
Haunted Castles tombrdr Ryan 8/8/8/8 21-Mar
Return to the Opera Igor vienna 8/9/9/9 21-Mar
The Chambers of Wonder Ben Best Phil 7/7/7/7 21-Mar
Indian Mountains LaraLevelbauer Ryan 6/6/6/6 21-Mar
To Coastal City Joel Minox 5/5/5/5 20-Mar
Search for Imhotep Palopique Jay 9/9/10/10 20-Mar
Bunker in Flames Yann Houbas Jay 4/4/5/5 20-Mar
The Escape SilentViper Jay 4/5/7/6 20-Mar
Tomb Raiders 911 kabal 7/7/5/6 20-Mar
The Legend of Chaaba 1 - The Tomb of Kassua posyd Phil 7/7/7/7 20-Mar
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