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Levels listed...
TR4 - 2745
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 137
TR2 - 86
TR1 - 28

58583 reviews (19.4 / level)
3012 (99.9%) walkthroughs
335 Hall of Fame levels
975 levels rated >= 8



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The Experiment 2 - Alpian Caves Bojrkraider Torry 10/10/10/10 16-Aug
Snow of Tibet Ray Croft alan 4/4/5/5 15-Aug
The Journey Sabatu Ryan 8/8/8/8 15-Aug
Island of the Silver Moon Emoo Ryan 8/9/9/9 15-Aug
The Golden Mask Kurtis Ryan 6/5/5/5 15-Aug
20x20x20 Challenge - Palace of Himeros tombraider1703 alan 8/8/9/10 15-Aug
The Electric Crystal Osvaldo Jose 5/7/8/8 14-Aug
One Room Challenge - Venice Hotel Larafan25 Ryan 3/3/2/3 14-Aug
One Room Challenge - Oriental Mystery Ward Dragon Ryan 7/7/8/8 14-Aug
One Room Challenge - Snow Business Mystery-King Ryan 5/7/8/8 14-Aug
20x20x20 Challenge - Greece Artefact TheTiger Ryan 5/7/9/9 14-Aug
20x20x20 Challenge - The Pearl Palace Larafan25 Ryan 4/5/6/6 14-Aug
Oasis of the Primordials Adriel misho98 7/8/8/8 14-Aug
20x20x20 Challenge - Return to Nevada AgentXP Ryan 8/9/8/9 14-Aug
House Party TiZook Ryan 5/6/6/6 14-Aug
The Golden Skull Osvaldo Phil 8/8/8/8 13-Aug
Alcazar Raider Smallmoon alan 7/7/8/8 13-Aug
Tomb Raider - The Resurrection LaraHCroft91 Dark Sheep 10/10/10/10 13-Aug
The Experiment Bojrkraider Torry 8/9/9/9 13-Aug
A Time Foregot Jeff Sadler Jose 2/3/3/4 13-Aug
Accessing Noe Jose 6/8/8/9 13-Aug
The Mystery of the Aqueduct Tcake Ryan 5/7/5/5 13-Aug
FHsv Harly Wuson Ryan 8/8/8/9 13-Aug
Return to Egypt Lance Edward Ladd Ryan 5/5/7/7 13-Aug
One Room Challenge - Von Croy Industries Uzi Master Ryan 4/7/7/7 13-Aug
Area -1 Osvaldo Jorge22 8/7/7/8 13-Aug
River of the Sacred Beetle Theresa Jenne Ejecta 8/7/7/6 13-Aug
Tomb Raider: Afterlife (Part 1) Johny Ptacek Jose 5/8/9/7 13-Aug
Catacombs of the Lost Verios Ejecta 5/5/6/6 13-Aug
Tomb Raider: The Little Things - Prologue Uzi Master Ryan 8/8/8/8 13-Aug
Stonehenge's Heirs Chrisa alan 7/8/8/8 12-Aug
GonzoKid's Level GonzoKid Mehrbod 6/5/4/4 12-Aug
Hardcore Level Project Coco Gamer Ryan 1/1/0/0 12-Aug
Minicube raidertom Ryan 8/9/9/9 12-Aug
Temple of Creatures Lukasz Croft Ryan 5/7/7/6 12-Aug
Legend of the Crystal Skull - Lara's Home Pwhirl Ryan 5/6/7/6 12-Aug
Area -1 Osvaldo Cerebralfire 7/8/7/8 11-Aug
The First Classic Basic Nika Jay 1/1/1/1 11-Aug
Himalayan Mysteries - Part 1 Titak Ryan 9/9/9/9 11-Aug
Thames Wharf Remake Hani Deek Ryan 6/7/9/9 11-Aug
The Secret Pyramid David Ruano alan 8/8/9/9 10-Aug
Titanic Project Lil' Kid alan 0/0/1/1 10-Aug
The First Classic Basic Nika MichaelP 1/1/0/0 10-Aug
The Crypt ve2lyr Jay 2/0/2/2 10-Aug
Search in Venice Malte Linder Jay 6/7/8/8 10-Aug
Oasis of the Primordials Adriel Jorge22 8/8/9/9 10-Aug
Alexandreda Aqueduct LePerk Ryan 5/6/7/7 10-Aug
BtB2018 - The Frayed Ends of Sanity Tolle87 Phil 9/10/10/10 10-Aug
Un Luogo Solitario (Teaser) tombraiderxii Ryan 7/8/8/8 10-Aug
Roaming Surekill107 alan 5/5/5/5 10-Aug
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