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Levels listed...
TR4 - 2715
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 137
TR2 - 85
TR1 - 28

57585 reviews (19.3 / level)
2981 (99.9%) walkthroughs
324 Hall of Fame levels
955 levels rated >= 8



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TR Anniversary Retold - Part 1 several builders Ryan 7/9/8/8 22-Apr
Mysteries of Australia David Rukawa Torry 6/6/5/7 22-Apr
Quest for Immortality Sabatu TRTheoP 8/10/9/10 22-Apr
Quest for the Golden Armour Opaque79 manarch2 6/6/7/8 22-Apr
The Great Chi thewolf TRTheoP 9/8/9/9 22-Apr
Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Yu Tu Island Sponge Jorge22 8/10/10/9 22-Apr
Lara und der Wolf (Little Red Riding Hood) Juttae TRTheoP 5/6/7/6 22-Apr
Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Yu Tu Island Sponge Phil 8/8/8/8 21-Apr
Serpent City Beck alan 7/7/8/7 21-Apr
Lara Croft: Silent Hill - Avigliano City Wall_TR Ryan 3/4/4/5 21-Apr
Dragons Dagger HSwyming manarch2 7/6/7/6 21-Apr
The Ilinx Experience Alex Chap manarch2 5/7/9/7 21-Apr
Not Another Star Gate 1 Leo Sheng Ryan 5/5/6/7 21-Apr
Valley of the Kings / Tomb of Achnaton Gerbil Ryan 7/8/7/8 21-Apr
Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Charades in Venice Greywolf Josey 9/10/10/10 21-Apr
Lara Croft: Silent Hill 2 - Albergo Maria Wall_TR Ryan 5/5/7/7 21-Apr
Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Charades in Venice Greywolf Phil 9/9/10/9 20-Apr
Entryway DaroRaider Jorge22 8/10/10/10 20-Apr
Bye Bye Susej Marcos Ryan 8/9/8/8 20-Apr
Poor Wiwi Marcos Ryan 9/9/9/8 20-Apr
Ruins of the Lost City Feder TG 10/10/9/7 20-Apr
Send Nero to Hell! Marcos manarch2 7/10/8/8 19-Apr
Little City Lindet PolishRaider 4/4/4/4 19-Apr
The Holy Mission Marcos Ryan 8/8/9/8 19-Apr
Still Running Lara Croft Slash Torry 9/9/6/6 18-Apr
The Ilinx Experience Alex Chap Laras Boyfriend 7/6/9/5 18-Apr
The Planets ve2lyr Jay 3/1/4/4 18-Apr
Anubis - Return to the Jackal (Demo) justin Jay 4/7/8/8 18-Apr
Aztec Complex Leandro Dubost Jay 5/6/6/7 18-Apr
Peaceful City 2 Dark Death Ryan 7/6/7/8 18-Apr
Dragons Dagger HSwyming Josey 8/8/9/9 18-Apr
Templars Secret (Beta Release) Feder Mortensmor 8/10/9/9 17-Apr
Inside the Lost City of Gold sleeper Ryan 6/7/7/6 17-Apr
Blue in the Blue Qunai Ryan 6/5/6/5 17-Apr
Peaceful City Dark Death Ryan 4/4/6/8 17-Apr
The Great Chi thewolf Torry 10/10/10/9 16-Apr
Villa Mortal 2 The Vagrant Rambo 10/10/10/10 16-Apr
LB Advent Calendar 2004 - December 17th Horus DJ Full 7/7/8/9 16-Apr
Hardcore Project 5 Coco Gamer Ceamonks890 1/1/1/1 16-Apr
Return for the Amulet 3 - The Chase sleeper Ryan 4/5/5/5 16-Apr
Return for the Amulet 4 - The Docks sleeper Ryan 5/6/6/6 16-Apr
Return for the Amulet 5 - Zazar's Library sleeper Ryan 5/6/7/7 16-Apr
Return for the Amulet 6 - Zazar's Hideout sleeper Ryan 6/7/7/7 16-Apr
The Way of Relic - Complete Franco Bula Torry 5/6/6/5 15-Apr
The Temple of Horus 2 Horus DJ Full 7/6/7/7 15-Apr
The forgotten Valley of Anubis Horus DJ Full 8/9/8/8 15-Apr
Research Center 1 Tijay Jay 7/8/9/9 15-Apr
Bunker II Treeble Jay 6/6/6/7 15-Apr
TR-Chapter Level 2 Sweet Jay 7/7/8/8 15-Apr
Big Trouble in Siberia, Part 1 / Scene 2&3 Walrus Jay 8/8/9/9 15-Apr
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