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TR4 - 2856
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 149
TR2 - 94
TR1 - 29

62774 reviews (20.0 / level)
3144 (99.9%) walkthroughs
360 Hall of Fame levels
1027 levels rated >= 8



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levelname author reviewer scores
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Little Confuse World Dgenocroft JoeTheCrazyGamer 0/1/1/0 30-Mar
Doctor Who and the Abnormally Odd Apartment B. Howaito JoeTheCrazyGamer 4/2/2/4 30-Mar
The Last Crusade Piega Petaludas 9/9/10/9 30-Mar
Search for the Scion 3spn4life JoeTheCrazyGamer 4/4/4/4 30-Mar
Jungle Ruins NG several builders Torry 9/9/9/10 29-Mar
Tomb Raider: North Pole Adventure - The Arctic levyhgb Treeble 7/7/7/7 29-Mar
Entryway DaroRaider Treeble 9/9/10/9 29-Mar
Still Running Lara Croft Slash Treeble 8/8/6/6 29-Mar
Tomb Raider: The Wolf 3 JesseG Treeble 8/8/8/8 29-Mar
The Quest of Gold (Gold Edition) TC14 JoeTheCrazyGamer 10/10/10/10 29-Mar
Venice Building CityOfLara JoeTheCrazyGamer 1/2/2/1 29-Mar
Cold Friends O-eight manarch2 5/6/5/5 28-Mar
The Myth of Khonsu Igor Gois manarch2 4/7/6/5 28-Mar
Seven Islands MichaelP Mehrbod 7/7/8/7 28-Mar
Desert Dam Michal Mularz Mehrbod 6/6/8/7 28-Mar
Cold Friends O-eight Mehrbod 7/7/6/6 28-Mar
The Great Pyramid abbath81 Mehrbod 7/7/8/6 28-Mar
The Old Library Cool King Mehrbod 6/4/5/7 27-Mar
Menkaure's Pyramid at Giza Jennifer Belfield Mehrbod 8/7/8/8 27-Mar
Run Lara Run Gylov Mehrbod 8/7/9/8 27-Mar
Relics of Power (Part 1) Seth94 JoeTheCrazyGamer 10/9/10/9 27-Mar
Mysterious Underground City Maciej Malec Mehrbod 8/6/9/8 27-Mar
BtB2013 - Septentrion eRIC Petaludas 8/8/10/9 27-Mar
Search for the Golden Elephant - Part 3 (Demo) Lara_Fox_Croft TheStig 9/9/10/10 27-Mar
Temple Ruins Raildex Ryan 7/8/9/8 26-Mar
Dracula's Return several builders JoeTheCrazyGamer 10/9/10/10 26-Mar
A Highland Winter StormChaser manarch2 5/7/6/7 26-Mar
Temple Ruins Raildex Phil 8/8/9/9 26-Mar
Andreas' Sword Part2 eRIC Petaludas 8/8/8/8 25-Mar
Lara against the Borg - Part 2 Franky manarch2 4/7/5/5 25-Mar
Create a Classic 2019 - Vacation of the Tomb Raider AgentXP JoeTheCrazyGamer 10/9/10/10 24-Mar
Underworld UB4 - Taking Care of Business several builders Jorge22 10/10/10/10 24-Mar
Kurzlevel Volki Ejecta 5/5/6/6 23-Mar
Andreas' Sword Part1 eRIC Petaludas 8/7/9/9 23-Mar
Templars Secret Feder Treeble 10/10/10/10 22-Mar
Poseidons Sanctum Reboot Sarikman Treeble 8/8/8/8 22-Mar
Secret Operations Snap125 Mehrbod 6/5/5/4 22-Mar
John's Level John F. Jones Mehrbod 6/4/6/5 22-Mar
Tomb Raider: Afterlife (Part 1) Johny Ptacek Mehrbod 8/7/10/10 22-Mar
Fire and Ice Dhama Mehrbod 7/4/6/5 22-Mar
Turin Incident Naxheel JesseG 8/9/8/7 20-Mar
Cold Friends O-eight JesseG 5/5/4/4 20-Mar
Journey in Togarma eRIC Petaludas 9/9/9/9 19-Mar
Lara Croft and the Tomb of the Gods Kaslerka Fabio 10/8/10/10 19-Mar
Unknown Tomb Frank Petser BlackWolfTR 4/3/3/4 19-Mar
Search for the Golden Elephant - Part 3 (Demo) Lara_Fox_Croft JesseG 6/9/10/10 19-Mar
Maze Fresztof JesseG 4/5/4/4 18-Mar
Inside the Lost City of Gold sleeper Jay 7/7/7/7 17-Mar
Coming Home for Christmas Commari Jay 3/5/7/8 17-Mar
The Last Fortress Yoshi Jay 6/7/7/6 17-Mar
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