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TR4 - 2650
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 135
TR2 - 78
TR1 - 27

53261 reviews (18.3 / level)
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300 Hall of Fame levels
923 levels rated >= 8



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levelname author reviewer scores
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The Caves (Demo) Nico Gorty 5/6/8/8 22-Jan
Invasion of the Purple Spacepigs (Demo) Ruediger Ryan 7/7/7/8 22-Jan
The Lost Oasis Bec Ryan 8/8/8/8 22-Jan
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Search for the Sun Seraph kaufi-lc MrJavi94 9/9/10/9 21-Jan
Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 5) - The Shard Gabriel Croft DJ Full 6/7/8/7 21-Jan
LB Advent Calendar 2003 - Lara's House in the Mountains Dark Death Ray Croft 7/8/9/8 21-Jan
Tomb Raider Salvation Gabriel Croft DJ Full 7/9/9/8 21-Jan
Beyond of Gobi Dwayne Ryan 8/8/9/9 21-Jan
Pachamama Ram16 Ryan 8/9/9/9 21-Jan
Mummys in the Arctic Sergy Bondar Ryan 4/3/4/4 21-Jan
Drilling Site Demo Topixtor kabal 6/5/6/7 21-Jan
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - The Hike Mordyga kabal 8/9/9/9 21-Jan
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - The Lost Egyptian Hand LoreRaider kabal 8/9/8/9 21-Jan
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - The Dragon Statues Erikku kabal 8/8/9/8 21-Jan
Thailand Souls Gabriel Croft Ryan 7/6/6/6 20-Jan
BtB2015 - House of Riddles Eelkemama Manymee 8/7/7/6 20-Jan
The Sapphire Hunt jawi DJ Full 9/10/10/10 20-Jan
The Spirits of Egypt 2 H. Pisti Ryan 4/5/6/6 20-Jan
Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 4) - Penglai Shan Gabriel Croft DJ Full 6/6/7/8 20-Jan
The Lost City Marco Bartoli Ryan 7/8/8/8 19-Jan
The Golden City - Quest for the Lost Seraph Pascal Scherer DJ Full 8/9/9/7 19-Jan
Pine Tree Tomb Biker High Priestess 0/0/1/0 19-Jan
#E.V.I.L sonnyd83 DJ Full 10/10/10/9 19-Jan
Temple of the Moon mathew9r DJ Full 9/9/9/8 19-Jan
The Haunted Sequel tombrdr Ryan 5/5/7/6 19-Jan
Lara's Diary 2 Zycwty Orbit Dream 8/8/8/9 19-Jan
Search for the Ora Dagger Ray Croft Jorge22 9/8/8/8 19-Jan
Lost Temple of Vaara DOS Ryan 4/4/5/4 19-Jan
Catacombs at the Coast Nils Bengfort Ryan 8/8/7/7 19-Jan
One Room Challenge - Protected by the Dead Matie Ryan 8/9/9/10 19-Jan
Chambers of Knowledge Sharon DJ Full 7/8/7/7 18-Jan
From Darkness to Light Ruu11 DJ Full 3/4/4/5 18-Jan
Tomb Raider Salvation Gabriel Croft Gorty 7/8/8/7 18-Jan
The Golden City Pascal Scherer DJ Full 7/8/8/7 18-Jan
Natla Technologies Building Greywolf Orbit Dream 7/8/8/9 18-Jan
Passageways V2.0 Bojan Kostic Ryan 3/3/3/4 18-Jan
Pyramid of Course Robin van Dijke Ryan 3/4/2/2 18-Jan
London Hospital: Research Department Ivan87 Ryan 3/3/5/4 18-Jan
Legend of the Crystal Skull - Lara's Home (revised) Pwhirl Ryan 6/7/7/6 18-Jan
Tomb of Yarok Ray Croft DJ Full 6/7/5/4 17-Jan
Search for the Ora Dagger Ray Croft DJ Full 7/8/7/6 17-Jan
The Caves (Demo) Nico DJ Full 3/7/4/7 17-Jan
The Caves (Demo) Nico Manymee 5/6/9/9 17-Jan
Princess Lara of Persia (Demo) Drakan DJ Full 7/8/8/8 17-Jan
Land Beyond Dreams 2 Gabriel Croft Phil 8/9/8/9 17-Jan
Find the Dragons kabal DJ Full 5/5/4/4 17-Jan
Scotland: Mystery of the Great Pyramid Salvin Ryan 2/3/2/2 17-Jan
Princess Lara of Persia (Demo) Drakan Gorty 8/8/8/7 17-Jan
Ankh of Death kabal DJ Full 8/7/6/5 17-Jan
Scepter of Alastrina Cynthia Ryan 2/2/2/1 17-Jan
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