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TR4 - 2704
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 136
TR2 - 85
TR1 - 28

56678 reviews (19.1 / level)
2972 (100.0%) walkthroughs
316 Hall of Fame levels
949 levels rated >= 8



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The first trip to Crete Firoxis Jose 4/4/4/6 21-Jan
Return of the Inkas Hubert Mutsaert Jose 1/2/5/4 21-Jan
Lara's Home on Red Alert Dennis De Grande Jay 0/0/2/2 21-Jan
Lost Temple of the Pyrenees Danath Ryan 8/8/8/7 21-Jan
Raiding Lara's Home Leandro Dubost Jay 6/7/7/7 21-Jan
SAS Compound Devoid Jay 6/6/7/8 21-Jan
Tomb of the Vikings JanJan Jay 4/5/6/6 21-Jan
Dracula's Return several builders Nomad 10/9/10/10 21-Jan
Dream Caves Serena Jose 2/3/2/3 21-Jan
At Home with Lara Carlos De La Calle Jose 2/2/3/5 21-Jan
Return to Colloseum Andrew McGrath Jose 1/2/2/4 21-Jan
The Forgotten Palace PacRaider Phil 7/7/6/7 21-Jan
Water Wail Joe 2 Cool Jose 4/3/2/2 20-Jan
The Lost Compass Dirk Wouters Mulf 4/5/5/4 20-Jan
The Tomb of Roac Geoff Blakey Mulf 5/5/6/7 20-Jan
Entrance to Y'ha-nthlei Jose Cobos Mulf 2/2/3/3 20-Jan
The Great Race of Yith Jose Cobos Mulf 4/4/3/4 20-Jan
The Crypt of Tohokan 2 Jamie White Jose 2/2/2/2 20-Jan
Egyptian Mythology 3 - Nofretete's Secret Garden Jedi Master Treeble 7/7/9/9 20-Jan
Quest for Immortality Sabatu TheStig 9/9/9/9 20-Jan
Laras Birthday Party Disco Fever Jose 1/2/2/5 20-Jan
Mystic Caverns Serena Jose 2/2/2/2 20-Jan
Khal Agnes Phil 7/7/6/7 20-Jan
Egyptian Mythology 4 - Nofretete's Lost Palace Jedi Master Treeble 7/7/9/9 20-Jan
Egyptian Mythology 5 - Nofretete's Dark Temple Jedi Master Treeble 7/7/9/9 20-Jan
TR-Chapter Level 2 Sweet Treeble 7/7/7/7 20-Jan
Brain Teaser (Le Casse Tete) Nlabricole Treeble 7/7/8/7 20-Jan
Simply Purple Sheevah Ryan 9/10/9/10 20-Jan
Return to the Maria Doria Jamie White Jose 1/2/4/2 20-Jan
Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Runes of Dawn Sponge Gerty 9/9/9/9 20-Jan
BtB2010 - Leave the Gondolas in Venice Drakan Gerty 8/9/8/8 20-Jan
Warriors of the World Malte Linder Phil 7/6/7/7 20-Jan
Tohokan's Temple Jamie White Jose 2/3/5/3 19-Jan
Resident Evil (Demo) - The Raccoon City Level Planet Jose 2/5/3/3 19-Jan
Ship Graveyard Gabriel Croft Phil 5/6/6/7 19-Jan
Lair of Minotaur Ahmet Yuksel Jose 1/2/2/4 19-Jan
The Jade Moon (Demo) Mountain Dew Nut Jose 0/5/1/8 19-Jan
Monkey Swing Vinceborg Jose 0/1/0/3 19-Jan
Back to City of Vilcabamba H. Pisti Jose 4/4/7/5 19-Jan
Mystery Land Oxy Ryan 8/9/9/10 19-Jan
Quest for Immortality Sabatu Adrian 9/10/10/10 19-Jan
The Lost Soul of Maria TombRaiderFan Ryan 9/10/10/9 19-Jan
Spooky Pyramid Bbfsquall Mulf 4/4/4/1 19-Jan
Journey to Sideral Space DaroRaider Jay 7/8/7/8 18-Jan
My Home Zip Jose 2/3/2/2 18-Jan
Deep in the Jungle Hokolo Ryan 8/9/9/9 18-Jan
The Crypt of Tohokan Jamie White Jose 2/2/2/2 18-Jan
Green Base Gary Jose 5/5/6/8 18-Jan
Quest for Immortality Sabatu Phil 9/9/9/9 18-Jan
River of the Sacred Beetle Theresa Jenne Mulf 5/5/5/4 18-Jan
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