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TR4 - 2867
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 150
TR2 - 94
TR1 - 30

63028 reviews (20.0 / level)
3152 (99.7%) walkthroughs
364 Hall of Fame levels
1035 levels rated >= 8



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Melnikov Island StormChaser Manymee 7/7/8/7 27-May
Melnikov Island StormChaser eRIC 7/8/8/7 26-May
Resident Evil - The Mansion Incident abbath81 Christian 8/7/10/10 26-May
Escape from the Zoo mathew9r Mitsugoro 8/9/8/9 26-May
Temple of the Moon mathew9r Mitsugoro 8/8/8/8 26-May
The Ancient Knowledge Danilo Rocha Allicya 8/8/9/8 26-May
The Sanctuary of Light - Part 1 tombraider1703 eRIC 8/9/10/10 26-May
Cain's Caves Remake Cain Allicya 3/2/2/2 26-May
The Hallows Guarded Hideout StudBuddha Jay 8/8/8/9 25-May
The Sanctuary of Light - Part 1 tombraider1703 McRaider 8/8/10/10 25-May
Nordic Adventure Feder Jorge22 10/10/10/10 25-May
Nordic Adventure Feder Ryan 9/9/9/9 25-May
Tomb Raider 2: Legend Of Xian (Demo) Gabriel Croft Adriel 10/10/10/10 25-May
Temple of the Dog StudBuddha JesseG 8/9/9/9 25-May
Nordic Adventure Feder Chel 9/10/9/9 25-May
Nordic Adventure Feder Phil 9/9/9/8 25-May
Night in Vegas Lukasz Croft JoeTheCrazyGamer 8/7/7/8 24-May
Heaven - The Shelter Levelzentrum JoeTheCrazyGamer 5/6/6/5 24-May
CPU Crash Richard Lawther Treeble 8/6/7/7 24-May
Sunset Ruins Trinh Treeble 7/7/8/8 24-May
Necro's Domain 5 - The Hidden Oasis Necro Treeble 6/6/7/7 24-May
Ynys Witrin - Episode 2 Miss Kroft Treeble 9/9/9/9 24-May
The last Journey Pedros Treeble 8/7/7/7 24-May
The Rescue 11 - The Hidden Experiment MagPlus Treeble 9/9/10/10 24-May
Dark City Lucky2 JoeTheCrazyGamer 1/1/0/1 24-May
Melnikov Island StormChaser Feder 8/8/8/8 24-May
Search for the Hidden Stone Lady_Wise Phil 8/9/9/7 23-May
Search for the Hidden Stone Lady_Wise JesseG 9/9/8/8 23-May
The Lost Amulet Osvaldo eRIC 5/7/6/6 22-May
The Sanctuary of Light - Part 1 tombraider1703 LOTRKingluis 8/8/7/8 22-May
Halcyon Lodge The Vagrant SeniorBlitz 5/7/7/5 22-May
Amber Life Inchdix eRIC 8/9/9/9 19-May
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Search for the Sun Seraph kaufi-lc Petaludas 7/8/9/8 18-May
Seth's Revenge 1 & 2 Larysuh13 JesseG 4/6/5/5 18-May
Neptunes Lost Palace rufierto Adngel 6/3/9/9 18-May
Create a Classic 2019 - Legacy of the Scion Baslakor Perceiver 10/9/10/10 17-May
Search for the Hidden Stone Lady_Wise Jorge22 8/8/7/8 17-May
Spooky Places tombrdr Jay 5/7/7/7 17-May
The Golden Mask Seemeister Jay 8/8/8/8 17-May
Nordic Adventure Feder LOTRKingluis 10/9/10/9 17-May
The Elements Martin Homa Treeble 4/4/4/4 17-May
Dreamland 3 - The Tarot Haiozy Treeble 7/7/8/8 17-May
Big Trouble in Siberia, Part 1 / Scene 2&3 Walrus Treeble 8/8/8/8 17-May
More Ruins of the Ancient xyzzy Treeble 9/9/9/9 17-May
Aftermath Sheevah Treeble 9/9/9/9 17-May
The Garden of Forking Paths Scourge05 Phil 6/5/6/6 17-May
Nordic Adventure Feder manarch2 8/8/9/9 16-May
The Garden of Forking Paths Scourge05 JesseG 5/6/5/6 16-May
The Garden of Forking Paths Scourge05 Ryan 4/4/6/6 16-May
Valek Ruins - Search for the Golden Elephant (Full Version) Lara_Fox_Croft SlyRaider 8/8/7/9 15-May
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