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TR4 - 2824
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 147
TR2 - 93
TR1 - 28

61553 reviews (19.8 / level)
3108 (99.9%) walkthroughs
352 Hall of Fame levels
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Recovering the Starship Jose Torry 7/10/10/10 15-Oct
A Highland Winter StormChaser Torry 9/9/9/8 15-Oct
Orwell's 1984 Zack or FZ Torry 5/5/6/5 14-Oct
The Adventure of the Hollow Mountain Marksdad Mulf 5/6/5/3 14-Oct
20 Years of Memories MBog Torry 8/7/9/7 13-Oct
The Caves (Demo) Nico Torry 7/7/8/6 13-Oct
Labyrinth Shader Torry 2/2/1/2 13-Oct
Destroy City Slaska Torry 0/1/0/1 13-Oct
Jungle Robocz Torry 2/3/2/2 13-Oct
Digital Insanity TanteiSakana Torry 6/5/6/5 13-Oct
The Myth of Khonsu Igor Gois eRIC 6/8/7/5 13-Oct
Castle Riverrun masha eRIC 7/7/8/7 13-Oct
Castle Riverrun - Part II masha eRIC 9/9/9/9 13-Oct
Return to Area 51 Moog307 Treeble 3/3/3/3 13-Oct
St. Joseph's Cathedral Bartoli Treeble 2/3/4/5 13-Oct
Temple of Shiva Emoo Treeble 7/7/7/7 13-Oct
Sophia's Revenge The Vagrant Treeble 0/2/0/0 13-Oct
Lara Croft Regresa 1-4: India Raider Croft Treeble 6/6/7/6 13-Oct
Lara Croft Regresa 5-7: Chile Raider Croft Treeble 5/6/7/7 13-Oct
A Very Bad Grund several builders Torry 7/10/10/10 13-Oct
Jungle Falls Simon Woodward Mulf 3/1/0/0 12-Oct
Lara on Ice - The Caves Schlaefer Mulf 2/2/0/0 12-Oct
Big Brother Pedros Mulf 1/2/2/2 12-Oct
The Quest 1 - Escape Rambo Torry 2/3/3/3 12-Oct
Roy's London Level RGBold Torry 2/2/3/4 12-Oct
Search in Venice Malte Linder Mulf 6/6/4/5 12-Oct
Quarter of the Dead Indiko Mulf 3/5/4/5 12-Oct
The Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire Piega Jay 10/10/10/10 12-Oct
The London Times 1935 Vinceborg Jay 4/7/8/7 12-Oct
Aftermath 3 - One Step further Sheevah Jay 8/8/8/8 12-Oct
BtB2009 - That One Door Dutchy Mulf 8/8/8/7 12-Oct
Earth Attack Franky manarch2 6/6/6/6 12-Oct
Temple of the Naked Women Kjartan Hanna Heger 2/1/5/7 12-Oct
The Probe hannon13 Mulf 0/0/0/0 12-Oct
Simply Purple Sheevah Hanna Heger 9/8/10/8 12-Oct
Egypt and Beyond - The Complete Adventure QRS JoeTheCrazyGamer 10/10/10/10 12-Oct
Return of the Demigod Cloudbusting Torry 2/3/2/1 12-Oct
Labyrinth M@ster Mulf 0/0/1/0 12-Oct
Prehistoric Strike Back Flohhaufen Torry 4/6/4/3 12-Oct
The Pyramid of Cheops Schlaefer Mulf 1/1/0/0 11-Oct
Hollywood Mini Adventures - Egypt MBog Torry 3/3/5/5 11-Oct
Tomb Raider: North Pole Adventure - The Arctic levyhgb Ryan 8/8/9/9 11-Oct
Hollywood Mini Adventures - Jungle MBog Torry 7/7/7/6 11-Oct
Hollywood Mini Adventures - Survivor MBog Torry 5/6/7/7 11-Oct
Laboratory MBog Torry 3/5/5/5 11-Oct
How to Break In Dempsey Rosson Mulf 3/3/3/3 11-Oct
One Room Challenge - So many Memories MBog Torry 6/6/5/5 11-Oct
Inside the Temple Jeffrey Mulf 6/5/5/6 11-Oct
Another Underground Moog307 Torry 4/4/5/5 11-Oct
Temple of Teeris Xspace Torry 2/4/3/3 11-Oct
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