Hendrik Kunze

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name: Hendrik Kunze
country/city: Germany/Bielefeld
author interview: Hendrik Kunze

birthday: 14-May-1965
occupation: craftsman
hobbies: Computergames, Cinema, Rockmusic listen & play, reading, supporting Arminia Bielfeld


3 level(s) found by this author:
levelname/download class size type rating downloads reviews released
The Quick and the Dead Wild West 64.70 MB TR4 9.66 2262 48 24-Mar-2003
Prison of the Lost Souls / On forbidden Path Cave/Cat 61.70 MB TR4 8.67 1036 23 05-Jul-2002
Treasure and Grave Egypt 37.90 MB TR4 7.65 906 23 26-Nov-2001