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Author(s): Lindet
release date: 14-Jan-2001
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The year is 1985, 17 year old Lara is on a study tour in Dharbanga, India. There she accidently heres an old myth. The myth is that ten thousands of years ago, there was a tribe, with a leader called Surouth. He was a gruesome man, some say that he was not even a human, but a monster. For supper he ate human flesh, for dinner he tortured people. The myth says that he killed the leaders of the other tribes around him and took their skulls. Their skulls contain lots of magic, which now is forgotten. There were five of those skulls which had to be combined in order to achieve huge power, those skulls are called no less than the Golden Skulls. But there were also some fake skulls, with the power to kill whoever took it, though most of these skulls are destroyed by now. As curious as Lara is, she cant resist to find out more about these skulls.