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Author(s): EssGee
release date: 28-Sep-2003
# of downloads: 1342

average rating: 7.41
review count: 35
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file size: 24.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Joke

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To the TR Custom level community, bERT is well known as a player/ reviewer with a sharp sense of humour. bERT's favoured mode of transport is the trusty bicycle. Bicycle riding is a popular pastime in bERT's home country of Belgium, a country that is world-renowned for its wide selection of beers and fine chocolates. On the 26th of April 2003, bERT's trusty two-wheeler was stolen. This TR custom level takes a light-hearted look at what was otherwise an unsavoury incident and suggests what might have happened in bERT's World. I am most grateful to bERT for agreeing to be the source of this humourous outtake on life. If we take life too seriously and cannot laugh at ourselves then we have nothing.