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Author(s): Dhama
release date: 30-May-2004
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?Let me introduce myself Lara, I am known as the Doctor?. ?My brief resume, suffice to say, amounts to that of a traveller, a traveller in time, a Timelord?. ?Would you care for a jelly baby? ???? The last time Lara met with the Doctor, it was in very different circumstances, they shared a brief moment together whilst Lara was on a visit to one of the Doctors regular haunts two years ago; Cambridge university. He was giving a seminar on quantum mechanics at the time; and Lara a mere spectator. They later talked over a cup of tea and scones, and then went their separate ways. Back in the present, and Lara once again proving her weight in trinkets, stumbles upon an unusual metal door within the pyramid she was looting?ahem! exploring. There seemed to be no reason for it to be there, and what was the strange symbol upon it, it was certainly not any Egyptian hieroglyphics she had ever seen. It seemed to resemble a face; a metal face!!. As she backed away from the door, a whining, whirring sound emanated from the surround and the door opened to reveal a passageway. Lara entered the passageway in the true spirit of adventure clutching her torch a little too tightly? At the end of the passageway she saw a light, it was coming from a silver room. She entered??.. ?Hello Lara? a voice from behind a control panel, ?well, fancy meeting you here of all places?. ?Doctor??. A somewhat startled, Lara composed herself. ?What is this place??, ?what are you doing here??, ?who?s backyard have you disturbed??. ?So many questions?? hand me that sonic screwdriver?. Lara passes the tool to the Doctor. ?No, not that, the small tool to the right?. ?This one? said Lara not entirely sure what she was handing him. ?Yes?. That?s the one?. Lara almost mesmerised by the Doctors electronic dexterity, tried again. ?what are you doing?. ?Hmm??, ?Ah yes? said the Doctor. ?It?s the Cybermen?. ?The what/whom??. ?Cybermen dear child, cybermen?. Lara know looking even more puzzled. ?What?, who are cybermen??. ?I haven?t the time to give you an in depth history, but suffice to say, they must be stopped at all cost.? After more than a brief introduction, Lara followed the Doctor toward the Tardis. They entered, and the Doctor said ?If this works, they will be stopped in their tracks, hehehe?, the Doctor wearing a small smirk ?They won?t know what hit them? ?Can I help at all?? Lara asked, ?Yes, now, If you were to pull this switch? The Doctor said pointing toward a view screen, ?whilst I operate the controls from here, we can end the cybermen's party.? ?Ok? said Lara, ?but first? said the Doctor, ?first you?ll need a more suitable attire?. The Doctor leads Lara to one of the many rooms inside the Tardis. Lara, now adorned with a multi-phasic neon costume, is also given a headset. ?Wear this Lara and I can keep you apprised of the situation. A few minutes had passed, and Lara was ready to leave the Tardis. As she exited, she turned around to take a look at the Tardis, when a blinding light appeared to engulf it. When the light had gone, so had the Tardis? ?Doctor!!? Not entirely sure what to do next, she entered the passageway again and followed it deeper and deeper. Another door, this time however, it was open. She passed over the threshold; it shuts with a thud behind her. Just as she was starting to feel a little nervous, her headset came to life??Lara?. Lara, can you hear me?? ?Yes?. yes I can hear you?????