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Author(s): Bojrkraider
release date: 01-Jan-2005
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Ancient legend recounts the evil deeds of the wizard Jaffar, who possessed the Jewel of Marduk. This mysterious blue gem was endowed with the power of the Tablets of Destiny, the magic which Marduk wielded when he created the world. Jaffar ever sought a way to unlock that power, to employ it in his lust for power to rule the world. But his plans were ultimately foiled by a bold and valiant Prince ... But the Jewel of Marduk was lost, together with the Palace of Jaffar, to the sands of time ... until now. Following the trail of the ancient legends, the redoubtable archaeologist Lara Croft discovered the long-lost Palace of Jaffar in a forgotten valley amid the Elburz Mountains in northern Iran. From its pristine condition, it was clear that the Palace had been supernaturally preserved by the mystic power of the Jewel of Marduk. As she sought for a way in, the ground gave way beneath her feet, and she fell through a tunnel too steep to climb into a dungeon far beneath the Palace. She looked about and thought, ?This place looks deserted ...?. Lara also knows that the Prince had a talisman that protected him from Jaffar's spells. The talisman was in the shape of a beetle. When Lara finds it, she must NEVER leave it behind or she'll be trapped in the palace forever. It may happen that if Lara leaves the beetle on the floor and goes away, it disappears. So remember, to ALWAYS PICK THE BEETLE UP after using it or some really strange things may happen and she may start hearing strange noises.