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Author(s): Gerbil
release date: 03-Mar-2005
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average rating: 6.69
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file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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So, you may know that this level continues in (and ends) the story which started in my second custom ? Return to the Valley of the Kings. I won`t explain what happened there and in the subsequent levels (their names run as follows: The Tomb of Achnaton, Vaults Beneath Nile). After all, you can simply open the readme file in the mentioned customs and read the storyline yourself ?. Back to the topic: after Lara managed to leave the vaults hidden beneath the Nile river, she quickly took a jeep parked nearby (the deserts sons left it there after they had stolen Lara`s stuff and the precious Amulet of Horus) and departed for Cairo where the Amulet had been taken. But the time is running short and in the moment of Lara`s arrival in Cairo, the whole city is destroyed by Set`s power ? all the inhabitants are dead, no one survived, only several soldiers were brought to life in order to protect the Amulet which is still in the city (the Amulet is the only way to prevent Set from entering our world). So, your mission is clear ? you gotta find the Amulet as soon as possible and destroy it ? you`re the only hope of mankind and if you fail, Set will walk the Earth as was foretold and everyone will die without any exception.