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Author(s): Richard Lawther Titak
release date: 19-Apr-2005
# of downloads: 4911

average rating: 9.85
review count: 43
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file size: 90.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal
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Richard Lawther

The Lizard King is dead but the other Dark Souls are causing trouble - and threatening to send the whole Underworld into chaos. It is believed that the three principle Dark Souls have retreated to the lowest reaches of Lower Hell. Team Anubis were successful in summoning the Ghost Train and now Lara Croft and Demon Smalls are in pursuit of the Dark Souls. The Ghost Train has arrived at the outer shell of Lower Hell -- an endless desert known as 'The Plain of Jars'. It is the last resting place of agnostics and virtuous pagans. Lara Croft and Demon Smalls mission is to discover the path that will take them down into The Asylum - the true Realm of the Damned. In this set of levels Lara will receive extensive help from the ever-resourceful Demon Smalls and also from the agnostic souls she releases. Find the 4 Elements you need to activate the machinery in the nearby Asylum Gateway building so you can access The Asylum. The playable region of the desert is defined by theTotem Skulls. If you pass beyond them you will end up back in the middle. However, there is one portal (near the signpost) you can use to pass to another section of desert. SECRETS: There are 10 secrets in U-UB3 ...3 of them are the Expert's Medals. The Expert's Medals will be in clear view. The expert's challenge comes in figuring out how to reach them. All will be testing movement based challenges - but not the sort that relies on blind luck and the whims of the temperamental level editor - rather the sort of moves you have to figure out and that are a genuine test of skill. The medals will be Bronze, Silver and Gold (depending on difficulty) If you are skilful enough to get all three you can then collect the Expert's Certificate. The challenges will be beyond some players and so these things are not required to complete the game - and can be easily bypassed. The remaining 7 secrets will be the usual well-hidden pickups. There is no bonus level. The builders collaborated closely on all aspects of the game and in all the levels, but for practical reasons the basic building of each of the levels usually fell to one builder: The Plain of Jars (the desert exterior, split into 2 levels) - Titak The Tower of Babel - Titak (70%) / Dick (30%) Hell's Arboretum - Titak Realm of the Water Pagan - Dick The Custodians of Hades - Dick End Sequence - Dick.

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