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Author(s): Raymond
release date: 12-Dec-2005
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Lara has hunted for precious artefacts nearly all her life and tries to solve the mysteries associated with it. In doing so, she is mostly confronted with dark powers and always and again with death, too. One experience brought her to the brink of the death: buried under wreckages in the Egyptian pyramid. She is hardly able to remember what happened during the time when she was buried alive. But one fragment of her memory appears again and again: the sense of being a disembodied creature, dunked in brilliant light beholden in ecstatic feelings. This experience asks her riddles. She knew from her study with artefacts und the cultures behind it that all cultures talk in a very different way about states beyond from corpus, space and time, about something which goes beyond death. It seems to have dark and bright sites, too. In her previous life Lara didn't take time enough to reflect about it. But after the Egypt adventure she became more and more dissatisfied with the fact what she does day by day. And inside her heart she feels a strong aspiration for this wonderful ecstatic state which she reached under the wrecks of the pyramid. She finds a new friend, Peter from Germany, who seems to know more about these things. Peter has experienced that there would be a mysterious secret society, which should have answers for the many questions of Lara. He knows about a huge secret pyramid in a good hidden place in the underground of the mountains south of the alps, which serves the society as a place of initiation. For being initiated the aspirant has to absolve a extensive and difficult ordeal. With Peter's few tips and high expectations Lara goes in search of this place. With her fantastic flair and a lot of energy she finds this sanctum, and Lara wouldn't be Lara if she had not her beloved bike with her on the way to the rise of the pyramid, in spite of all obstacles. And here the adventure begins...