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Author(s): EssGee
release date: 15-Feb-2006
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average rating: 9.68
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file type: TR4
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Note: This is a Stand Alone Game. It is not compatible with the ?Lara At The Movies? project and cannot be substituted into that game. It is a tribute to the wonderful Star Wars adventures.This release is in response to feedback from some players who had difficulty with the original ?Lara at the Movies? version of these levels. I have called this new release the Director?s Cut as it contains material not included in the original version (one new playable level and two cutscenes). The original levels have been significantly revamped with revised texturing, atmosphere and additional audio. The timed runs and podracing events should now be playable by players of all skill levels. Story: Lara, having been inducted as an honorary Jedi, finds herself on the planet Tatooine run by the Hutts. Not only is this desert planet home to some very seedy intergalactic travellers, but it is also infested with forces from the Dark Side. The Sith Lord, accompanied by his apprentice, Darth Maul recognises this planet as a strategic stronghold and wishes to take control of it. This planet has always attracted its fair share of rebellious characters with its famous pod racing events, so Lara will not be out of place here. Although the ways of Jabba the Hutt are not exactly Lara?s ?cup o?tea?, she detests the motives of the Dark Lords with a passion, and in her own inimitable fashion will fight to suppress the evil forces of the Dark Side in their takeover bid, in order to let the inhabitants of Tatooine retain their freedom.