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Author(s): Agnes
release date: 18-Feb-2006
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For hours I've been sitting in the train from St. Petersburg to Rustay. Russian trains are not what they used to be. It's cold and the conductor doesn't show his face. I wonder what possessed me to go on this journey. Mysterious murders in Rustay, Russia. People were disappearing and the population kept quiet, they said on TV. It shouldn't bother me, probably the people are victims of hungry wolves but somehow I couldn't simply stay at home. For weeks I wanted to leave England again. Outside, it started snowing. If there's more snow the train will not get through. I put on my jacket; outside it's really cold. And the brakes of the train already squeak. A moment later I stand at the station of Rustay. It's old and shabby but pleasant. I can hardly imagine that terrible murders are said to have been committed here. The first houses look like a picture of a winter fairytale. Roofs are covered with snow and smoke rises out of all chimneys. Who knows what I'll find here...