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Author(s): JesseG
release date: 08-Mar-2006
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The one and only Lara Croft, who has discovered a hidden temple entrance in the vastness of the Egyptian desert. She immediately drops in to check it out. Luke - A product of intensive research initiated by Sophia Lee. Although Lara has cut Lee's thread short, someone else has taken over the project, who no one ever sees except for the right-hand men who deliver his or her orders. Luke and the others are made fully aware of this and are told to kill Lara on sight if she is ever seen. Luke detests the condition that the workers are put through, and wishes it could be stopped. However, he is fully aware that he does not have a strong enough bite to resist against the higher-ups. Still trying to appear loyal, Luke goes with a team to excavate a newly discovered temple of any valuable items and package them on the train. One day, his great sense of smell tells him that someone new is coming...