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Author(s): posyd
release date: 21-May-2006
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Lara Croft, the famous adventurer and archeologist, was called upon by John Thims, a not too good named, but very rich tycoon, to find an amulet named Kassua in the rainforrests of India. Lady Croft did not take on the assignment. She started a research to find out what Thims actually wants to get. After the long search she realised that the Chabaa is indeed an ancient and great amulet with superhuman power, that, legend has it, was gifted to an egyptian pharaoh by the sun god Re. Kassua, the indian grand lord defeated the pharaoh, so the Chabaa was taken to India. Kassua commanded that after his death the amulet shall be buried with him together. Croft decides to prevent Thims or anybody else to find the amulet of power and bring doom to the world. She travels to India to get the amulet before Thims and his men could find it.