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Author(s): Katya
release date: 05-Jun-2006
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Katya F., directress of ancient history museum in a not better specified Italian resort, entrusts Lara to recover a precious manuscript, kept in an ancient and guarded palace, the Valentianum, in the south of Italy. The book has to be recovered by Lara before Beatrice B., a crazy local industrialist, old rival af Katya in the days of university, may use it to make a ritual that gives her immortality. Lara has to get into the palace, recover the book and the two sacred seals required to make the ritual, get the better of the sentries and of Beatrice herself, who has arranged a series of deadly traps to avoid someone to approach to manuscript. The adventure consists of two levels: in the first, that takes place in the inner courtyard, the main purpose is to kill the sentries and to find 4 keys (fire gems) to enter in the building; the second level takes place inside the palace, and it aims at the recovery of the golden manuscript, located in a room at the upper storey. The Valentianum, that dates back to 15th century, really exists in my town (without monsters :p), and the game imitates its architecture.