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Author(s): kutuup
release date: 13-Sep-2006
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file type: TR4
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TR4 files updated on Sep 14, 2006
Lara discovers the city of Centralia, West Virginia, which burned to the ground some decades ago. Or so it was said... The city exists now as a purgatory for its sinful citizens of old who practised sordid cult activity in life. Lara recieves a tip from an anonymous source that the US military has already unearthed this dank ghost city and are hunting for a relic once used by the cult of years ago: the Glass Gauntlet, worn by the high leader of the cult, and watched over by four angel like guardians. It was held in belief that it gave power over the spirits to its wearer. Do the souls of the cult members of old still lurk in the city, trapped by thier own sin? Are the four legendary guardians of the artefact still waiting to destroy any who attempt to remove thier cherished relic?...