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Author(s): Marksdad
release date: 05-Nov-2006
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The wealth of the long-dead Oppenheim family is legendary. Many thought it had been acquired not by calculated business dealings,but by a pact with the dark spirits of the underworld.It's true that the family's patriarch,Jonathan Oppenheim,had been a leading light in the notorious Hellfire Club and had used it's influence to secure much financial backing for his numerous business ventures;but no-one seriously believed that the forces of darkness had actually played any significant role in the establishment of the family's wealth. However,throughout their years of prosperity,the Oppenheim's believed in living fast and dying young.In 1922 the youngest benificiary,Jason Oppenheim,developed a friendship with the notorious artist of black magic,Alistair Crowley. Over the following years Crowley grew to be a confidante of the family and even became a regular houseguest at their mansion,outside the village of Marston Moreteyne in Bedfordshire,England. One night he and Jason Oppenheim,while practicing the dangerous art of spirit writing,inadvertantly unleashed the denizens of the Underworld who,awakened forcibly from their slumber, punished Oppenheim by destroying (at a single stroke)the familys entire wealth. The resultant devestating plunge in their fortune caused the stock-market to collapse. The year was 1929. For 75 years,Marston Hall,former home of the Oppenheim family,has stood empty and deeply foreboding;a dark and sinister memorial to a doomed family,and an ominous portent to all who might seek to dabble in dark forces they couldn't possibly control. Somewhere deep within,guarded over by the sinister populous of the Underworld,lies the great imprisoned wealth that ultimately led to the family's destruction.A wealth sought by many;from a covert arm of the Military,to a lone female Archaeologist/Raider. It is believed that the person who succeeds in locating this wealth will inherit the Oppenheim Fortune for themselves. It is an inheritance that Lara can't possibly resist!