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Author(s): posyd
release date: 21-Nov-2006
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Legend has it, that million years ago, the ancient gods created the four Tears of Life to maintain balance in the world and to guard the gate between the Underworld and the Living World. If one of the four Tears became damaged, that would have catastrophic consequences. But once if they get close to each other, the gate to the Underworld opens, with the 4th Tear in its deepest regions. If this would ever fell into the hands of a living creature, it would give the power to rule the nations of the Underworld and unleash the wraiths of the dead on Earth. A sect that exists for over 2000 years, called the TOODES, had sworn in front of the ancient pagan gods to find the three Tears, and with those also the fourth to conquer and rule the world. Lara revealed the location of two tears so far and she takes the ride to defeat evil and save the world.