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Author(s): uranos1
release date: 05-Dec-2006
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class: Xmas

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Each year shortly before Christmas the Christmas Train transports all the presents from the North Pole to the warehouses all around the world. From there Santa Claus picks them up with his huge sleigh, becuase all presents do not fit into the sleigh at the same time. This year however there is a problem with the Christmas train. Some Kobold has sneaked on board and stolen an important piece of the brakes, and thus the train is rushing on and cannot be stopped anymore. Train driver Oscar immediate notifies Santa Claus and tries everything to fix the brakes but is not successful. As Santa Claus is busy himself he asks Lara to help. And as he needs the sleigh himself he has Lara dropped off by a helicopter. Will she be able to repair the train and save Christmas?