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Author(s): Colin Benson
release date: 17-Dec-2006
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average rating: 7.23
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file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

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Colin Benson

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After her explorations of the Catacombs several years ago, Lara uncovers a secret stone slab that tells of a large sapphire hidden even deeper underneath the Catacombs. After weeks of slow, difficult research, it appears as though the stone slab's tale of the sapphire might very well be true! Lara asks Winston to book a private flight for her and makes preparations for another raid.--- Days later, Lara enters the re-enters the catacombs and follows the slab's directions. Lara now stands in a corridor ready to recover the promised gemstone...--- Can you guide Lara to the coveted sapphire or will this be Lara's last adventure?