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Author(s): Agnes
release date: 02-Apr-2008
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Locarno 2007, Lara is looking for an old treasure, hidden under the old walls of the Castello Visconteo.

In 13th century, when the family of Visconti (Milan) spread its influence till Lake Maggiore, were in charge asked an architect to build a castle in Locarno. The inhabitants - of the fortress - had their own private port, protection walls were well fortified and plenty guard towers. The palace was employed like a house for the soldiers and gave them prestige and power. The Visconti were definitely pulled out from the region about in 1513 by their successors, the bailiffs of the confederation, who impose their law for the subsequent 300 years. The castle was destroyed and rebuild several times but it was always considered the centre of city life. In 1803, when Ticino entered the Swiss confederation and the bailiffs leaved, the castle (or better its ruins) belonged to Canton Ticino.