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Author(s): Bjorn
release date: 20-May-2008
# of downloads: 774

average rating: 6.22
review count: 16
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file size: 36.46 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Note: Level updated by the author in Dec 2010 with minor improvements and re-packaged so that it is playable directly from the download

Cairo, the International Conference of Famous Archaelogists. Quite an uninteresting party, according to Lara Croft. Boring speeches at day, and drunken VIPs at night. And that for five whole days! When finally, the final party of the last night ended, and Lara walked back to her hotel, a strange accident happened. On her way back to the desert, she suddenly felt a strong hand, pushing her towards a hole in the ground. Although she resisted strongly, she fell into the hole, which led to a labyrinth of dangerous chambers, also called the ‘Chambers of First Impressions’, by joking archaelogists. During her journey back to the surface, Lara learns that first impressions don’t always have to be right...