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Author(s): Cain
release date: 22-Jul-2009
# of downloads: 990

average rating: 1.61
review count: 14
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file size: 14.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

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One day Lara Croft is contemplating her life as she sits silently in her trophy/artefact room, she stares around at the endless shelves of recovered relics and historical remains, Lara ponders her acquisition of the artefacts and at the same time ponders her own existence. She thinks back to her adventures, the challenges sheís conquered and the enemies sheís defeated, the achievements and the accomplishments, but were they all worth it?

Lara suddenly exclaimed with hatred in her voice: 'All these Artefacts are Crap!'

Suddenly Lara threw the Infada stone she had been gazing at in to the waste paper bin already overflowing with relics, the shattered remains of the Scion crunched underneath the dagger of Xian, and the Ora Dagger, Lara let out a terrifying scream of rage and contempt, then she calmly said to herself, in between sticking a match, setting fire to ancient scroll: 'my life has been wasted up until now, collecting these meaningless and boring relics, the only artefact that is not beneath me are the amazing ones found in Cainís Games (e.g. Cainís Home, Traaaaped, The break In, Cainís Home) these other artefacts are not worthy of me, I am far greater than any human that has ever been, this gives me the right over any otherís in life or in death'. Suddenly Lara pulls out her Grenade launcher and screams running through Croft Manor: 'Winston I will feast on your flesh!!' Lara blew apart her butler with her gun, she slowly picked up one of his severed arms, as she walks out of her room she slowly eats her butler.

After killing loads of giant Eels Lara Croft sits down in her library to try and locate a cool item that not only gives her much personal gain but also is really cool and good, she finds many subpar artefacts, that aren't very good, what she really wants though is a really good artefact, yeah. Quite By chance Lara uncovers a really cool book, the faded title simply says 'good' she opens up the book exited by the prospects, she reads the first line....

'The Lost Cain' is an artefact of unimaginable coolness, it is very good, find it and you too will be able to master the art of level building and produce unbelievable high standard levels like Cainís Caves Remake and Cainís Level Set. The lost Cain is located very far away, it will take you a reasonable sized raidís length to find it, probably about 3 hours, follow the path, find the lost Cain, discover its secrets, it wont be quick, it wonít be easy and it wont always be fun, but find it and your will probably be as cool as its creator... Cain

Lara took a quick intake of breath: 'Cain? Surely not, heís the greatest man alive and is hugely respected and everyone thinks heís cool, likes him, and wants to be just like him, Cain creates unbelievably well crafted levels and provides the average tomb raider player and me (Lara) with a damn fine level to explore and play for many hours, wow heís sooooooo cool' Lara thought to herself.

That day Lara vowed to herself she would find 'the lost Cain' (an artefact of unimaginable coolness) and one day to be as cool (or near as) to Cain, Lara remembered how proud she felt that day as she silently set out on the coolest/craziest adventure of her life, she dressed in her protective raiding gear to ensure she could survive the tests and trials set by Cain, she knew Cain wouldnít give up his coolest posession easily, she knew she would have to fight! Laraís ready to find 'the lost Cain' and become cool herself, are you ready to fight with her on a 3 / 4 hour adventure? Get ready for the greatest game of all time, download and play 'Search for the lost Cain' today. Enjoy.