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Author(s): Brikas94
release date: 21-Dec-2009
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file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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There is a long forgotten legend telling the story of a golden sphere-shaped object, created by Ra, the Egyptian god of the Sun, as a way to honor him for making such a powerful star. It was said that the Golden Sphere was held asleep, to prevent its huge power to grow out of Ra’s control. It was then buried somewhere in the Egyptian desert, when the other gods became frightened by the destructive urge that the Sphere held within.
No one ever believed this to be true, until one day a sand storm exposed part of what seemed to be a temple, in the middle of the desert. When a team of archaeologists got there, they managed to dig the temple face’s rock making a path to its interior.
The traps are moving once again… the flames are lit for the first time in thousands of years… a secret and silenced scream is audible from deep within the temple’s innards, shining with the intensity of the Sun itself… this could only mean one thing… the Golden Sphere was preparing to wake up again.
The archaeologists decided to call Lara Croft to collect the Sphere, remove it from its resting place and destroy it forever.