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Author(s): 3spn4life
release date: 01-Jan-2010
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class: Venice

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Since the beginning of time, Eros the Greek god of Love and Passion, fought Erida the Greek goddess of Hate and Malice. They never could defeat one another, and fought throughout most of time until the Greek god of gods, Zeus, sealed each of them away forever into two seperate blooming roses. And had his slaves carry them off to separate ends of the world. Only to ensure that they would never cause anymore destruction to growing race the of man.

Ever since then, the powers of the seal only became weaker and weaker. Until their power could finally be used by the hands of whoever wielded these powerful artifacts. But the power of the roses would consume the person who weilded it as a weapon, making them more and more like these two powerful emotions each of the roses possessed, transforming them into the Greek gods of legend.

Lara just got back from training for any adventure she sets her mind on, turns on the TV. As she was watching her regular scheduled programming, when a worldwide broadcast appeared. The broadcast was about how many people believed the end of the world was near. Claiming that according to the Revelation Book from the Bible, the upcoming of the anti-christ will bring evil actions constantly. Towards the end of the program, it started to mention that a lot of crime is coming from Venice, almost in just one area, an old abandonned museum that used to be a very prostigious mansion. Once the program was over, Lara pulled out a book, and reminded herself that the occurences sounded similar to the powers of the god roses of old. She believes that the seal on this rose is too weak to keep around. So Lara believes the only way to destroy it is through an ancient mythical weapon, which she has one, Excaliber of King Author(Legend). Lara is then packing her bags to go retrieve the rose before anyone else does.