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Author(s): thinking cap
release date: 04-Jan-2001
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class: Egypt

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thinking cap

Immediately following the collapse of pyramid in the end of Tomb Raider: Last Revelation, we are unsure of Lara's death. With all of that rock on top of her it would take days to dig her out, if she even survived the initial collapse. Von Croy, not quite aware of this, is digging to save Lara, when it is quite obvious she'll be dead if unearthed. But Lara is not buried alive as we might imagine. Thankfully a the pyramid had many tunnels and rooms that became joined due to the falling rock and debris. Lara, recomposing herself, gingerly begins to pry through what could become HER tomb. Daylight cannot be too far away after all and all the fallen rock had to open something. QUICKLY rescue Lara from what could be her last adventure. But what has become of the evil Egyptian god Set, who was robbed of his Ankh just moments before?