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Author(s): Raven of Asgard
release date: 04-Aug-2003
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file type: TR2
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Note: To hear any music when playing TR2 custom levels: Put the 'Tomb Raider 2' or 'Tomb Raider 2: Gold' CD in your CD-ROM while playing.

Long before creation, before the birth of the stars, the galaxies, and the planets all matter was thought to have been concentrated in one location. A great blast of massive energy forced the matter in all directions. From this great event all celestial bodies were though to have been formed, this thinking however may be incorrect. A myth originating from an ancient civilization of northern people negated such an idea.
The legend was cast away by many astronomers and thinkers of modern time, but contains a logical and accurate record of actual astrological history, as well as many space-events that had occurred, like that of novas, collisions of asteroids, and paths that comets traveled.
The archives of this astrologically enriched race highlight a certain occurrence that negates the actual birth of a galaxy to something along the lines of an [end to equilibrium] or a dive into chaos. The planets are thought to be that of corrupted [essences] or more or less dead. A haven , or a shell that attracts other lost or corrupted essences. To explain, all life on earth would be that of another actual life essence. To better understand this we can assume that {humans] are all of one life essence and [cats] are of a different.
While planets are though to have been dead by the thinking of this race, the essences that take refuge on these shells are thought to have been fragments of essence that still exist. Death was not at all a feared aspect of their lives. Death was thought to return them to their previous state of purity. Hence an aspect in relation to souls.
Being as planets were dead; asteroids and comets fell into the same category, as they are parts of a planet or like that of a planet. Stars on the other hand were quite different. Stars were thought to be the essence at its almost purest form. Stars were believed to be the massive form of essence still holding onto its original structure, but failing.
Because of a certain unexplained event in the universe’s past all stars were thought to have been corrupted at some point by something--what exactly? The people did not know. From this thinking many of the astrologers of the race formed this hypothesis.
Stars are dying essence, planets are what come from a dead star, and from this dead start, or now [planet] essence is once again attracted to this form. THEN, from this we realize that a form existed before that of a star. Particals of essence come together to form a star [space dust = essence] but before this space dust was dust, it was something that was SOLID. This solid form or PUREST form pre-dated that of a star BEFORE the chaos or corruption.
From this hypothesis the myth presents its greatest form of proof. The writings tell of the archaic civilization discovering that which they called an [Aqazar] or, basically the purest, uncorrupted form from which all planets, stars, and life evolved, or was created from. The race also believes that an Aqazar contained ALL essence, or universal essence. Which means an Aqazar was made of purity, and when corrupted shattered producing a bit of several different types of essence.
The writings forbid anyone to ever see the Aqazar, and reasonably fail to explain how it was attained, or where they hid it. They did however name the Aqazar [Alpha] Aaris, or [the beginning of purity].
Not too long from present, an expedition into a very remote location in Antarctica tells of a lost temple built entirely of ice that was impossible to penetrate and would not melt. The temple was also said to have been protected by the spirit [or essence] of tigers... Inscripted on the sealed entrance to the temple a warning to any who try to enter and a small poem that reads:
[Born from a great light our soul has strayed and lost its way, until the time we once again return our lives experience the universe from another point of view, and one day we shall slumber back to purity.]
And now... Lara ventures to uncover the secrets of The Lost Temple of [Alpha] Aaris.