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Author(s): FloTheMachine
release date: 27-May-2010
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Early 2010; Prologue
The Kai-Len Monastery, old Chinese legend proclaims that the monks of the Kai-Len Monastery were so at peace with themselves and their Gods that they decided they needed no contact with civilisation, they just lived off their prayers and their livestock, the monastery was based upon a natural spring deep within the mountain, their simple life disguised their true reason for living in such a remote area; The monks within the monastery made a sworn rite that they would fight and die to protect their monasterys' treasure, that was what Lara Croft is after; this happened two thousand years ago, most just regard it as a lie, but some hikers have seen men who they think to be monks, walking around the countryside, but after being spotted would run towards a water source and disappear, no one knows why, but this sparks our heroine's interest, because apparently within the monastery the revered brother artifact to the Seraph is hidden there; This artifact whoever was named the Talisman of Life; Ancient beliefs state that anyone in possesion of the Seraph and the Talisman of Life will gain unimaginable knowlegde; Lara firstly retrieved the Seraph, the monks remembered her, almost a decade before and immediately gave her the Seraph, on condition that in her last will it should return to their hands;
Lara then returned to England in high spirits, she imagined discovering the whereabouts of all the archological tombs that have been mysteries for millenia, but one agenda Lara had to be able to discover how and where her father passed away; as the authorities never found his body, they just recieved an anonymous letter stating in Italian Richard Croft is dead, so is his wife, now all that's left is his daughter,
Lara, after many late nights of research in her library she found the rumoured location of the monastery;
She soon after departs Croft Manor to the Chinese country of Kiera, as soon as she arrives is greeted by a late adversary's followers, still following in his footsteps, but during her adventure Lara must find out who and why they are looking for the monastery also; After leaving the small hotel she resided in for a few days to recooperate from the long journey she set off into the mountains; She soon uncharicteristically got herself lost in the mountains; in her enthusiasm to find the monastery; A few hours passed with Lara mindlessly trekking around the mountains, but soon she discovered a small spring, she immediately took long drinks from the spring, noticing the spring was lukewarm, she assumed that under here must be a natural spring; Suddenly Lara remembered in one of her books; Chinese Myths and Legends It read The old monastery was supposed to have been built upon a large spring; Lara knew now she had found the monastery, and she looked into the opening of the spring, it would be a tight fit, but she squeezed through and went shooting down a river, into the deepest parts of the mountain...