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Author(s): JesseG
release date: 09-Sep-2010
# of downloads: 2055

average rating: 8.53
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file size: 44.91 MB
file type: TR3
class: Alien

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It had all begun when Lara met Luke outside a scavenged temple in Egypt in part 1. He was a wolfman created by Sophia Leigh as one of her experiments to form new life from the scion. Leigh thought that the wolfman would forever do her bidding. However, she underestimated the intelligance of a wolf.

In part 2, Lara and Luke found their way from Leighs desert outpost, back to the atlantean pyramid that had shattered with Natla several years ago. It was there that Leigh found the shattered scion pieces left in the rubble, and it was there that she started her final experiment - to breed a more evolved, resilient version of herself. Lara and Luke stopped this process and subdued the unfinished beast.

In the previous part, Whiplash, Lara Croft discovered the Whip of Manipulation, but when she breached the room, a strange creature snuck in, took the artifact and escaped into an unusual portal. Lara of course, went ahead and entered the portal.

Now Lara finds herself in an unfamiliar room. The portal behind her dissapears in a flash. A glance out the window reveals that she is on some sort of ship in outer space. Putting aside these circumstances, she guns down the alien carrying the whip and seizes it. Suddenly an alarm goes off and several more of these aliens appear around both corners of the hall, one of them a highly decorated creature, perhaps the leader. Deciding that they should not possess the whip, Lara gives it a crack and finds that it lives up to its legend - Winston appears at her side, in a daze. Winston, guard the whip the best you can while I deal with these guys! Winston uses his tray to fight off the aliens as he holds the whip closely. Lara is doing her best to dispatch the aliens, but the leader is able to jump over her gunfire and grabs hold of Winston. In a fit of panic, he throws the whip behind him...

Ekul is seated in his cabinet, looking woefully through the nearest window at the planet Sacco, that the modest ship is orbiting. It has been some time since the atmospheric processor on the savage planet began to fail. As a consequence their capital, Lupana, is falling to ruins among the surrounding areas. It seems like they would not be able to recreate a planet to compare to the one from which they were banished.

His thoughts are interrupted by the entrance of a guard. Sir, we have news on the whip project. One of the Earth habitants was able to breach the holding room of the whip, and our scout positioned in the base has successfully secured it from her and used his only portal generator to come here. However, the human has managed to enter the portal before it was sealed. Ekul fires orders to seize the human and joins the guards in the persuit. The human is able to summon her slave with the whip, though he did not appear to be very strong. As Ekul moves to get the whip, the slave tosses it behind him, and to Ekuls dismay, it is sucked down a nearby garbage disposal and ejected out of the ship. It is pulled out of orbit and sucked toward the planet below...

After some casualties, their number manage to take hold of the human and her slave. Ekul clears his throat. Lets see...human, can you understand me? Yes, replies the human, you look very much like... Ekul cuts her off, Do not confuse me with anyone. I am here with the Atlanteans. The original Atlanteans. Perhaps youve met those fleshy offsprings, the result of Natlas abusive powers. You have been making things difficult for us, human. While we were not as fond of those of your kind like Natla or Leigh tampering with the Scion, we were at least hoping their use of its power would provide us a gateway back into your world. You see, your atmosphere has become rather toxic for us - way too much carbon dioxide - but the scion would give us evolutionary powers to withstand this and create a foundation to begin on Earth anew.

Lara considers their quest. I suppose you do not plan on sharing with the rest of us? Of course not. We are ready to take back what rightfully belongs to us. Natla was able to discover the scions power, and Luke joined himself with the Scion after Leigh fumbled about with it. Thanks to you we can use that fancy whip to bring him to our waiting hands, since we own the Scion and now him too. Now, I will not kill the two of you, for I want you to witness the consequences of your selfish actions and those of your species. Guards, bring them to the holding cell up here. Then lets get someone in Lupana to summon the wolfman.

Luke is blinded by a flash, and senses he is in some sort of dream. He feels himself split into two beings. Soon it all vanishes and he wakes up in a different part of the Atlantean pyramid. He is now one with the Scion and instinctly knows he has appeared in the spot where the Scion was forged. He wonders about why there might be two of him, but is suddenly taken away, only hearing the crack of a whip...