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Author(s): Lara_Fox_Croft
release date: 20-Aug-2011
# of downloads: 2588

average rating: 7.56
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file size: 52.23 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

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Laras diary:

January 2011, I received a letter written by my father. Kind of weird, he died years ago. It talks about a small town in Russia, Valek, mentioning of «A Great Golden Elephant». He explained that he does not know the exact location of The Great Golden Elephant, only the location of the map was identified. The artifact might be hidden by the monks in The Middle Ages. A week after receiving the letter, I prepared for my journey. I left for a bloody cold weather. 3 days later, I arrived in Valek. Now, I must find the ruins and the map. Unfortunately I did not bring much ammunition. The Russians are hard to deal with.

The target is a piece of cloth or paper, painted with a design of an elephant nearby a water source. The location should be hidden within this map.