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Author(s): Raidermatty
release date: 15-Dec-2011
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Note: Download in two parts from the Advent Calendar (Day 11 and Day 15)!

An old legend tells about a portal located in some caves in Himalaya that can bring people to another dimension. Lara Croft, who is in a remote village near that place on her Christmas Holidays, decide to explore some natural caves that seems to bring to an old palace. As she walks through the galleries, she notices some engravings depicting a mystic-looking Christmas tree. By translating the ancient language, Lara finds out that she’s inside the temple that conceals the portal. This portal leads to the “Christmas Dimension”, an inter-temporal space where Christmas starts every year. The festivity origins from a very luxurious castle, which is floating on an island that conceals a crypt, where a magic statue of a golden Christmas Tree is kept. This statue is able to emit a strange energy that can bring peace, joy and love during the Christmas’ period. As Lara keeps exploring the temple, she finds herself in the room where the portal is. Ecstatic about her discovery, she inadvertently activates the portal and she finds herself in a remote place. Her next objective is to find the golden tree and try to escape from that dimension.