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Author(s): Lakota
release date: 15-Aug-2012
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After her fight against Horus, Lara Croft flew back home to take some rest, but a couple of days later, she discovered, hidden in a old and dusty book a piece of paper. The text on this paper was written in old Greek, but no problem for Lara, she was able to read and speak several languages. And this is the translation of this Greek ancient text:
"In that Temple, the Great Zeus, God of all Gods and Goddesses used to leave his Thunderbolts under the guard of three Hydras"
The text also says that the place was pretty trapped and that will be crazy for a simple human being to chalenge the God, and to the one who might take his Thunderbolts away from him, Death will be the last thing he will see.
Lara was not scared at all, and decided to go to Greece in search of this Temple, and after some research, she finaly discovered the place and there she is...