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Primeval Catacombs


Colin Benson
release date: 15-Oct-2012
# of downloads: 2600

average rating: 8.06
review count: 9
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file size: 95.78 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

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Primordial Catacombs/Primeval Catacombs is a series of five large linked levels. Each one will likely take more than one hour to complete. Originally I planned on linking my Primordial Catacombs levels with Primeval Catacombs levels into a mega series of levels but the TR engine only allows seven new levels at a time so I split them into two separate level downloads. Both levels have the same final level, though. Have fun.

Story: On a cold October morning, Lara receives an E-mail from a mysterious sender. He calls himself WS3 and refuses to give further information on his identity. In his E-mail, WS3, tells of powerful, valuable elemental crystals scattered within a newly discovered gigantic catacomb complex near Rome. Allegedly, these crystals hold within them the power of the ancient elements of the universe: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. After days of research, Lara feels confident in the veracity of WS3s information and travels to the catacomb complex...

Your goal, as the game player, is to not only reach the end of the fifth level but to find as many Fire, Air, Water and Earth crystals as you can. Compete with your friends and other raiders on-line to see how many you can find!