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Aiding the Crystalrunner Dwarves


Colin Benson
release date: 17-Feb-2013
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average rating: 7.27
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file size: 24.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

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For countless generations, the Crystalrunner Dwarf clan lived on the Northern Flathead Peninsula at the base of the Cardamon Mountain. One day, a raiding army of Frost Giants marching from the East, unexpectedly attacked the Dwarven village. Caught unprepared, and hopelessly outnumbered, the Dwarves were forced to flee their homes. The Jarl of the Frost Giants decreed that this would be their new home and his men took over the village. Meanwhile, the Dwarves fled to the nearest Dwarven communities of Deepcairn and Axebeard. They petitioned (and received) military aid. Once the Dwarves amassed a formidable army, they returned to their village and began to fight to reclaim their homes from the Frost Giants. Ultimately, the Frost Giants lost the war but before being wiped out, they managed to erect a powerful barrier around the village. This barrier, cast by the Jarl himself, blocks all Dwarves from entering the village and surrounding area. Despite their best efforts, the Dwarves were unable to break down the barrier and return home. (Fortunately, the barrier only affects those who have Dwarven blood. Non-Dwarf races can pass through the barrier with ease.) Needing aid once more, the Dwarves offered a large sum of gold to anyone who can break down the barrier surrounding their home. Lara Croft, hearing of this decided to help and make her way into the caves near the Crystalrunner village...

Without question, there are others who are now within the village and are seeking to destroy the barrier. Beware, they are not happy to see that there is competition for the gold the Dwarves promised them. Your goal as the player is thus:
*Eliminate all of Laras opposition and all monsters.
*Find the DeBarrier Magic Scroll (rumored to be incased in a pool of ice).
*Cast it within the Wizards Room to shatter the anti-Dwarf barrier and win.