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Author(s): GMac
release date: 15-Jan-2010
# of downloads: 1998

average rating: 8.93
review count: 11
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file size: 65.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

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Lara is visiting Site C, a secret dinosaur genetic testing and breeding facility. During explorations of the jungles surrounding the facility, a strange stone had been unearthed near to the gates of a lost Temple. Lara had been quietly approached as an archaeological expert and invited to Site C to examine the stone. However, before she can begin her work, there is an earthquake, the dinosaurs are loosed, and Site C becomes a hunting ground...

This is a Next Generation remake of the original Lara at the Movies - Jurassic Park adventure. Not only has the game been revamped with new objects and retextured but the gameplay has been completely dismantled and rebuilt, almost from scratch.