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Author(s): justin
release date: 11-Sep-2014
# of downloads: 2115

average rating: 8.00
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file size: 70.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Originally conceived in 2003, codenamed Legend, I envisioned a set of levels in mythical lands. One would be a cloud domain, another in a forest, and another in a mushroom mountain.

I toyed around with some simple textures and objects, but never started any levels as I was working on Dark Skies.

In 2005 I sketched some real drafts of the full level set. It would begin in a city, and move onto a large valley. The valley design was adopted from my multiple failed extras level for Dark Skies. This level would branch into 3 levels, a Forest, Mountain and Desert (I abandoned the idea of a cloud level).

The sketches included a detailed 2D map of the first city level, and I even drafted a basic level. In the end, the 2D map of the level was too large for the original editor. I also sketched some designs for large trees and tree houses for the forest level.

I started creating the first level in 2006, using the old textures in the old editor. After finishing the level, I started the forest level, and finished both of them. I started the Mountain and Mansion levels but didnt get far.

In 2008, after completing my Pirates levels, I revamped the City and Forest levels. I retextured the city, keeping the architecture and gameplay the exact same. The forest, however, was completely overhauled and worked on from scratch using all new elements. I also began the first portion of the enormous valley level, supported by the awesome new NGLE and Next Gen engine.

This particular level will actually be the 2nd in this series, once completed. The adjacent city has been abandoned, apparently attacked by something. The journey brings Lara to this mansion to retrieve the keys to the city and discover an odd tablet.