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Author(s): Greywolf
release date: 11-Dec-2005
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average rating: 4.50
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"Damn Verner and the same old excuse of his rheumatism," thought Lara as she prepared for the nth dive. "So it is up to me to be here in this place in the middle of nowhere to do all the work!" In fact she knew that if her friend and mentor Verner Von Croy had asked her to do research diving off the Bahamas and had provided the coordinates precisely of this place, down there had to be something. Perhaps the wreck of a ship. Although, strangely, Von Croy had not told precisely what to look for ... just the point at which to dive.

But that day was to be yet another proof of the famous Murphys Law ("If anything can go wrong, surely it will"): shortly after being dropped deep oxygen cylinders prove defective and Lara is forced to get out of here to reach the surface as quickly as possible. And it is at that moment that something really amazing appears before her...