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Author(s): JesseG
release date: 11-Oct-2015
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“Ah, my wayward traveler, I see you have stumbled upon what remains of my temple. Yes, this is Cronus, the god of time. You may be aware of how my son Zeus has overthrown me and the other Titans before banishing me – and he did not even send a Fathers Day gift this year! But this does not concern you, mortal…or does it? You see, I still have power here, enough to divide by zero and crush you in a black hole. Or, you could be a good mortal and help me restore my power – do not worry, I do not plan on waging another godly war, I just want to reason with my son, who I fear is about to make some very poor decisions. Who knows, you might be doing your fellow humans a favor in the process. As you recover my power cubes, I can create time portals to bring you to the past, where the temple was still intact. If you can work through the flow of time like me, you should be able to restore me completely.

Oh, and be a dear and try not to damage the temple much further - the pieces are quite timeless.”