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Author(s): AgentXP
release date: 21-Dec-2015
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file type: TR4
class: Xmas

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It is Christmas Eve; Lara is getting ready for bed, when she hears a loud crash from the main hall. „Oh no, Winston must have broken ANOTHER vase“ she sighed. Lara goes downstairs to investigate. It turns out that as well as breaking some ornaments, Winston has also managed to accidentally blow a fuse, locking Laras house guests in a pitch dark drawing room. What is worse, he also mislaid the keys to several rooms, including the freezer! No freezer means that Christmas dinner is in peril - can Lara find the keys to save Christmas?

Worst of all - Winston has also finished up the last of the tea... which means a trip to the shop to get some more... „I do hope it has not closed early“ Lara says to herself anxiously. „I might need some tea to thaw Winston, just in case he manages to lock himself in the freezer again when he is getting dinner ready“...