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Author(s): Miroslav Pavlovich
release date: 24-Apr-2001
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average rating: 5.00
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file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Miroslav Pavlovich monthy@ptt.yu

When Lara was in Egypt on her assignment to find Amulet of Horos the whole pyramid collapsed to Lara. Everybody think that she is dead but one day she wake up and found herself traped in cubes.King Horos protected CUBE because he does not wanted people to know how he killed.When pyramid collapsed to Lara the secret passage was distroyed.Complex of menu roomsfull with traps which lead to the exit of pyramid.Scientists think that CUBE does not exist and that is only well-know in myths, obviously they were wrong.In myths no one can get alive from the CUBE .Many dead people which are in the CUBE are carring damnation.Every room is carring some new trap and it's surpirising you. Remember , it's not everything like it look like . and thik good before you makeany move. Is Lara going to find the exit of pyramide and save herself?