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release date: 12-Apr-2016
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Important Note: Known bug: It appears that sometimes Lara will refuse to use the artifact Mati in Level 9, called The Cradle of Life. This savegame solves the Problem, so if your game has this bug use the savegame and the artifact will be in the hand and you will be able to finish the game!

Lara Croft goes on a quest to get Pandoras Box before an evil scientist. She thought the box will look good in her collection.

The gameplay is very close to classical Tomb Raider. I did not use next-gen animations but I tried to make it as HD as I can. I did not use Terry Sheridan because I thought he was useless to the gameplay and will be boring for the player. I used the classical locations from the movie, so you will play in Greece, China and Africa. I used the movie mainly as an inspiration so I did not really reproduce the tombs and places exactly like they appear in the movie.