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Author(s): mathew9r
release date: 01-Jun-2016
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file type: TR4
class: Nordic/Viking

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After getting back to her manor from some crazy adventure, Lara sits down at her desk to read all the letters she has gotten over the last few weeks she was out.

Amongst said letters was some strange package, this package contained a diary of some old miner who seems to have been working in a mine somewhere in north Norway, there was also a note accompanying the diary which said "I hope you will be interested in reading this, Miss Croft, I found it in some village while on a small holiday to Norway." - but alas there was no name attached to the note.

Lara first thought this could be some wild goose chase but after reading through some of the diary entries, she noticed something about some strange temple entrance they stumbled upon while mining out a new tunnel deep inside this mining complex.

Problem is, these miners after soon discovering it had some paranormal stuff happening near the entrance of the temple... It is like the place was cursed or had some sort of ghostly aura to it.

A few days later after halting the mining in that section, miners were slowly being killed off one by one with no root cause to their deaths, soon later the mines were closed off and everyone left... though the killing never stopped there.

Apparently these only took place when the moon was visible in the sky around or near the northern star, sadly by the looks of the last diary entry, the miner came to the same fate but its like something was possessing him, something which killed him from the inside.

Lara naturally wanted to go have a look so she once again packed and set off for Norway which around this time of year was in its new night cycle.

She headed to the site where the locals said there used to be a mine, after a few hours of searching, she soon found a small opening amongst the trees and bushes into what seemed to be a cave, after entering and dropping through the floor, she spotted a cart track and a miners cart.

She knew she was in the right place... the place was quiet... too quiet... with no way back up... she had no choice but to move onwards into the mine...

And that is where our story begins...