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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
release date: 11-Nov-2016
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Gabriel Croft

Note: Download includes a new level (Part 6 - Mexico), but also all the previous parts as well in one package)

One mysterious cult learned about five powerful artifacts that were hidden around the world. They intend to use them for evil purposes. Now, Lara must race against time to find the objects before the cult members, to destroy them and save the world.

Part 1: Prologue - To start her adventure, Lara must travel to an island nearby Coastal Thailand, the place that might hide one of the artifacts. But she lost her keys to the main manor gates...

Part 2: Treasure Island - Rumors about one of the artifacts continue spreading and it is believed that it is located somewhere in an island nearby Coastal Thailand. Starting this new adventure, Lara jumps of her helicopter and slides inside the jungle.

Part 3: Into The Depths - After recovering one of the artifacts, Lara escapes the island with a ship provided by a friend. She takes her time to take a breath and rest. Reading a journal that her friend found recently in India, our heroine discovers that a luxury ship, the Queen Athena, wrecked somewhere in the south pacific ocean, near the ruins of a sunken ancient city. The ship was carrying on e of the artifacts, but since it wrecked, it was never found. The legend says that the artifact itself caused the wreckage, since someone used its intense power without care. Without anymore time to rest, Lara tells her friend to go right to the pacific ocean. Arriving there, she dives into the sea ready to explore the depths.

Part 4: Penglai Shan - Escaping the Queen Athena, Lara Croft found one more mercenary, a member of the cult. She forced him to tell her anything that he knows about more artifacts. He showed to Lara the coordinates that the cult discovered for the next piece: it leads to Penglai Shan, the hidden island that was supposed to be a Chinese mythology, hidden until now.

Part 5: The Shard - After days searching for more clues, Lara finally discovers that one powerful ninja from Paris recovered one artifact from South America, and she is hiding it inside her skyscraper to gain power for herself. The objective is to infiltrate The Shard and recover this artifact.

Part 6: Mexico - After combining all the five elements, she will be finally able to destroy the mystic objects to save the world. Escaping with the fourth artifact, Lara discovers that members of the cult are searching for a lost city in Sonora Desert, located in Mexico. Thats probably guarding the last and most powerful artifact. Lara Croft is almost sure that the ancient city is El Dorado.