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Author(s): Greywolf
release date: 16-Apr-2017
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Maggie was thinking she was just like in a fairy tale or in an old film, because one old uncle of hers, she barely knew, left her a castle in Scotland. It needed some work to do, but Maggie was enthusiastic: “I will convert it into a bed and breakfast! Tourists are fond of places which are told haunted by ghosts!” But soon Maggie realized that ghosts was not just a legend and they started to appear for her nightly terrifying her. She was thinking it was just suggestion, so she asked Wesley, the jack-of-all-trades who helped her uncle, to stay in the castle with her for some nights. Wesley had serviced the castle for many years and he would have surely find out a logical explanation to all the disturbing presences she was thinking to sense or to see. But he also witnessed the shocking appearance of some ghosts. Maggie was very scared and she was afraid the ghosts were threatening her with death. So she asked her friend Lara for help. And Lara was very happy to spend a few spring days for an holiday in an old Scottish castle: she would have take care of the ghosts once and for all!