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Author(s): sonnyd83
release date: 01-Jun-2017
# of downloads: 2023

average rating: 8.50
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file type: TR4
class: City

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According to English legend, long ago there once lived a mighty leader named King Lud. It is said the great City of London is named after him and he was responsible for constructing the fortress which encircled the city. It is also said the King was buried beneath the walls of Luds Gate in the heart of the city. Fast forward two millenia to 2018, and we find our heroine, Lara Croft, is spending a few days in London on a much needed vacation. As she passed St Pauls Cathedral, she began to daydream, memories of her previous visit still fresh in her mind. She suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to return to the lair of the damned, with the feeling that the Eye of Isis may be some sort of key which could open up places the damned fear to tread. So she called Winston who promptly came to London with the artefact. Back to Luds Gate we go....